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Starting with Patch 3.0, the instantly recognizable and unique Fortnite music was replaced with a new set of tunes, made with an orchestra. Initially it wasn’t received well as it was very dramatic at unnecessary times (e.g. summoning a supply drop), and the general consensus was that while the music was good, it did not fit Fortnite. As time went on many requested for a simple option in the game settings that could enable the original electronic music. There should be an option to enable the legacy music because of its unique identity, nostalgia for it, and how simple it would be to add it.


Fortnite has been out for about eight months, right? That’s a LONG time. Many people have played this game for hours every day, and with time invested like that once the music you’ve grown to know and love is suddenly changed, you will probably feel some nostalgia after that. Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling. The literal definition of nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past”. I and many others have that nostalgia for the old music, and it would be a great move by Epic to feed it and let us enable the old music. I would love nothing more than to be blasted with old memories of Fortnite thanks to the old music coming back.


Fortnite is a very unique game. You don’t see too many 4 person co-op crafting zombie defense shooters, after all. With such a unique game came a soundtrack that created a very distinct identity for Fortnite, creating an instantly recognizable track of songs. The air of mystery it delivered as you explore a zombie-ridden landscape accompanied by its smooth transitions into combat music garnered no complaints by the community. Compare this with the new orchestral soundtrack; While being well written and played, it sounds very generic and nothing like the easily identifiable and one-of-a-kind soundtrack that Fortnite had before. To quote the Fortnite forum user Bleeder91, “The old music was fortnite, the new music is your generic MMO “’Dungeons and Princesses” style music.” On the same thread by user Shivaxi, “The new music now is awful, the most cliché action hero movie BS I’ve ever heard. The original music had a style.. a nice futuristic vibe to it.” Many others on that thread agree with those statements (can be found below tldr) and most people (but the OP) agree that it simply doesn’t feel like Fortnite anymore. I don’t mean to bash the new music, as it is GOOD music, but simply isn’t good Fortnite music. Although, as proven by the linked forums thread, people to enjoy the new stuff. Why not just let the people who like the new tracks have that enabled, and let others have the original tracks thanks to a button in settings? It’s a win-win.

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Lastly, why wouldn’t Epic make an option for the old music? The files are still there in the game—all they would have to do is program in a new button that swaps the music themes in settings. Heck, it would be easier to do that than make this mini-essay! The people like me and many others who enjoy the original music more get what they want, and people who like the orchestral music more (or who have never known the difference) are happy too. They could even make it founders-exclusive if they wanted; I wouldn’t care! People have been asking since 3.0, but we don’t even have a definitive answer on why this incredibly easy feature to implement isn’t here yet. Come on, EPIC! We love you guys, help us out on this front! 🙂

Tl;DR There should be a option for the old music in settings because of the nostalgia associated with it, how it gave Fortnite a unique identity, and how easy it would be for a highly-requested feature to be implemented.

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