Missing Twitch Quests, Categories, and a Plea to Epic

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As some of you may know, Twitch Broadcaster quests stopped being issued on daily resets starting about 3-4 months ago. The last update I've ever seen from any Epic rep regarding the issue – 3 months ago, in a comment here on FORTnITE – was that they were looking into what the cause could be. There has been no further communication from Epic regarding the missing quests, nor has it ever made it onto the Trello as a known bug under investigation. Without Broadcaster quests, of course, it was impossible for Twitch viewers or subscribers to get their linked quests from watching a streamer complete their Broadcaster quest, essentially leading to all of these quest types drying up.

Many players have assumed that the feature was just obsoleted, especially after the in-game Twitch account integration was removed, but I've still never seen an update from Epic on whether this feature is ACTUALLY no longer available, or if it's still just a bug that's under investigation. I'd really like to hear an answer about this situation.

I made a post on the official forums regarding the missing Twitch quest functionality, and my post was summarily removed. I have not yet received any explanation as to why.

The Save The World streaming community is kind of in a crappy place right now, overall. There's a short list of broadcasters that this community and /u/whitesushii have put together who still actively stream Save The World mode, but what about others who don't already know "who's who"? What do you do if you're trying to find and support a smaller Save The World streamer who isn't "well known"? Clicking "Fortnite" on Twitch brings up 99% BR streamers. If you're on the Twitch website, you can try to search for "Save the World" or "PvE" and hope that you'll find some Save The World streamers who actually tagged their broadcast as such, but if you're on Twitch mobile or viewing through a console app, this isn't always an option. You might have to slog through each and every thumbnail, trying to figure out whether they're playing Save The World or BR. I've made numerous requests to Twitch to separate Fortnite into two distinct "Fortnite – Save The World" and "Fortnite – Battle Royale" categories, but they've told me that it's now up to the publishers/developers themselves to ensure their games are listed properly.


The Twitch quest system felt like a very fun way to encourage players who were interested to check out Save The World streamers as they completed their Broadcaster quests, providing Viewer/Subscriber quests in return for their support. I thought that was the goal of the system – a fun (but completely optional) way of bringing people who loved Save The World mode together, and introducing them to new people in the community in turn. With the extended absence of this feature and Epic's silence, it feels like its actual purpose was only for Epic to try to boost Fortnite's place in the Twitch view rankings, and now that Battle Royale has already ensured that, they're content to let this feature die. Maybe that really is all it was intended to be.

I desperately want this to be a bug, though, because I want to see this feature return. While it was around, I met so many amazing Save The World streamers because of it! It's incredibly challenging to find other Save The World streamers beyond the few "known" ones, as things stand right now. I want us all to be able to support each other as part of this community. I want newcomers to have incentive to find these Save The World streamers, and ideally I'd love a feasible way for those streamers to be found.

I'd very much appreciate a response from Epic on the matter of the missing Twitch quests, and (if possible) regarding the possibility of working with Twitch to break out the Fortnite Twitch listing into two categories. Epic, you've made great strides in the past couple months to try to improve Save The World mode by really connecting with your community and taking their feedback into consideration. I implore you to help make it easier for Save The World's Twitch community easier to show everyone why we love the game.

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