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It seems like not very long ago that I posted a rant about this, but it seems to be getting worse. I had an issue today with someone so headstrong about untouchable they were, and something needs to be done about it, because they are right, they are untouchable, and it is ruining the public game.

I'm just going to paste my email to epic here, and let that explain;



I've been playing this game for 2 months now, and people seem to be getting more and more stubborn about doing the missions.

If people aren't going to contribute, regardless of the mission type, they shouldn't be allowed to get the rewards. People know you aren't doing anything about player reports, so they're becoming more and more arrogant about the whole thing.

When people don't seem to be doing anything, I message them and see what's going on. Usually people ignore it and I have to choose between abandoning the mission, or continuing and letting them get a free ride out of my materials and time and resources. But it isn't just that, because it effects the people who play in other ways because we get less rewards due to not everyone participating to the overall score.


The breaking point of this was today, where I asked someone to help with an encampment mission, because they were just running about not listening to "come here" prompts when we would find one, to which he/she refused. I said I'd have to report him/her, and they said "there is no report player", and then this went on for most of the mission during me and 1 other guy were doing the encampments (the 4th guy not doing anything either).

They know they are untouchable, and if you won't give us the tools to do something about this, then you need to do it. You need to show people that this isn't tolerable. Ban people temporarily, give them heavily reduced rewards, do SOMETHING to save the co-op element of your game before this becomes even more "the norm".

I love your game, please let us keep loving it.'


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I really want this game to be amazing for everyone, and I know it will never be perfect because public games rely on the public being all nice, but I've never experienced a game where there is a shocking amount of people who refuse to play to get rewards…which they will use in other missions that they never play in. It seems pointless.

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