Mission Idea : Defensive version of Eliminate and Collect

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Mission Idea : Defensive version of Eliminate and Collect

TL;DR – Eliminate and Collect, except everyone has just 1 life and the objective is to just survive while the storm shield closes in and husk spawn frequency increases exponentially, hopefully leading to a frantic "last stand" situation encouraging players to build elaborate forts and new builds to protect themselves and their teammates.

I'm really enjoying the new beta mission type and I hope it gets officially added in some respect. As I was playing the end of one, I realized how it'd be neat if they rewired the mission a bit to be more like a "last stand" or something.

The core mechanics of the mission would be similar to the current Eliminate and Collect, except rather than going out to kill husks with reckless abandon, everyone would have to play safe because the goal is not to see how many husks you can kill, but to see if you can survive the time limit without dying. Basically, everyone would have 1 life, and as the storm closes in the husk spawn frequency will become greater and greater, naturally leading to people building forts to stay safe. Once 5 or so minutes are left mist monster spawn frequency could increase as well, leading to greater waves of smashers, takers, etc. and potentially make it feel like you're genuinely in danger. Then they could also adjust modifiers on the missions so that some will have more lobbers and others will have more smashers, promoting different types of gameplay. If they wanted to add extra stress to the end of the mission, they could even have the storm close in completely, forcing players to build around having constant DoT damage.


Honestly my goal here is for people to make actual forts again rather than just standard trap tunnels + pyramids. As neat the core game and mission types are, some of the most fun I had with this game was starting out and still building elaborate forts with windows to shoot out of and internal rooms and all that. By having a mission where the husks explicitly target the players, rather than an objective, we may be able to bring that sort of gameplay into the lategame meta again.

An added benefit would be bringing novel buildtypes into the meta, such as Warden Constructor or Alchemist Ninja with their healing, Bulls rush/Fleetfoot/Recon Scount movement based builds to get away from danger, or just straight armor builds to prevent damage taken.

Thoughts, criticisms, alternatives, etc?

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