Mission Report #T1138-HX: Addendum

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"I'm so damn tired. All my family, all my friends, all gone, all turned into monsters. I had to put several of them down myself. I'll never forget how my wife's face looked, torn loose from her skull and dangling from her neck. I didn't hesitate one bit before I put two slugs into her skull."

"I almost think the husks have some sick sense of humor, or that maybe this is all some sort of cosmic joke. How could it come to be that I am the last man 'standing' given all my limitations? Then again we all fought, all of us, as hard as we could, for weeks. In the end it didn't matter one bit, they just kept coming. There aren't enough bullets in the world to stop them all."

"There's this spot in the woods nearby, with a little stream that drops to a waterfall. It's just beautiful. My mother would take me there when I was young. I had hoped I would do the same with my own children someday. (Oh God, couldn't you have at least spared the kids? Transformed into packs of little demons, leaping and biting and chattering and… have you heard any of our prayers? Are you there at all?)"


"I'll roll up to the edge of that waterfall, set my brakes, close my eyes, and lean forward. I'll think of us the way we were before all hell broke loose. I'll think of their faces when we were happy, smiling, and blissfully ignorant of the catastrophe that would soon destroy us all. Better than being torn apart by one of them, or worse, becoming one."

"If anyone ever reads this, I know that you must be a fighter too. Please don't hate me for giving up. We fought until there was no more 'we', just me, and I'm finished. When there's nothing left to fight for, how do you keep fighting? I hope you have something to keep fighting for, and that you win, and that you remember all the other folks who fought too, like us, like we used to be."


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