Mission rewards: an overview of changes to chest tiers with Patch 6.10

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Patch 6.10 did not only fix the taxi problem, but also fixed the mission chest reward bug. For those of you who don't know: Tier 4-Tier 6 chests used to give the same rewards. This bug was reported to Epic almost a year ago but was never fixed. For those of you only interested in what the current maximum mission reward chest is per mission type, skip to section 4.

1. Relevant patch notes

The bug fix mentioned in patch 6.10 is the following:


  • Fixed an issue where some mission types had their rewards incorrectly limited.
  • This issue resulted in many optional mission objectives increasing the “treasure chest” level displayed at the end of the mission, without increasing the actual rewards granted to the players.


So far so good: Tier 4-Tier 6 chests now give different rewards, as it should be. However, they also rebalanced the way chest tiers are calculated:


  • Rebalanced the reward points granted by Missions relative to the average length and difficulty of the mission type.
  • This results in high-level end of mission “treasure chests” being harder to achieve in certain mission types, especially without bonus objectives.

  • To offset this we increased the amount of rewards given per point, effectively increasing mission rewards for the majority of mission types.


2. Tier calculation

Chest tiers are calculated in "bars". You need 30 bars for a Tier 4 Chest, 40 bars for a Tier 5 Chest and 50 bars for a Tier 6 Chest. Each mission type has distinct main objectives. Most of the bars originate from these main objectives. On top of that, a lot of bonus objectives are shared between missions. Each fulfilled bonus objective grants extra bars. The bonus objectives that are possible in most missions are:


Bonus ObjectiveBars Granted
Silver+ Building Badge2
Silver+ Combat Badge2
Silver+ Utility Badge2
Exploration Badge2
Group Activity2


All of these are possible in every mission, with the exception of speedrunning (which isn't possible in Evacuate the Shelter and Retrieve the Data). Group activities include Drone Crash and completing a Blu-Glo Siphon 3/3. It doesn't include Storm Chests or partially completed Blu-Glo Siphons.


Additions from the commenters and clarifications:

  • On top of the previously mentioned badges, there is a survivor badge awarded for rescueing one or more survivors. This badge does not grant bars.
  • In regular defense missions, building radars, saving survivors and destroying encampments do not add bars to the mission reward chests. They do not directly influence the tier of the chest. However, they do influence build, combat and utility scores which might help you in getting a silver or higher building, combat and utility badge. On top of that they give decent rewards, the most important for me being people resource from saving survivors.
  • There is no difference between silver and platinum building/combat/utility badges. They all grant 2 bars, a bronze badge grants none.

3. Changes to bars granted per objective

Group activities have been nerfed from 4 to 2 bars, speedrunning has been nerfed from 6 to 4 bars. The rest of the bonus objectives have stayed the same. In addition to this, several main objectives have been nerfed considerably as well, making bonus objectives more important. Here is a complete overview of changes to defensive missions:

  • Deliver the bomb:
    • Launcher > 50% health: 6 -> 4
    • Rift closed: 30 -> 24
    • Max chest tier achievable: 6 -> 5
  • Evacuate the Shelter:
    • Shelter > 50% health: 4 -> 2
  • Fight the Storm (Cat 1-4):
    • Atlas > 50% health: 4 -> 2
    • Placed quickly: 4 -> 2
    • Succes first try: 4 -> 2
    • Complete Cat 1: 22 -> 20
    • Complete Cat 2: 30 -> 24
    • Complete Cat 3: 36 -> 30
    • Complete Cat 1: 40 -> 34
    • Max tier Cat 1: 5 -> 4
    • Max tier Cat 2: 6 -> 5
    • Max tier Cat 3: 6 -> 5
  • Retrieve the Data (normal):
    • Locate the Zone: 4 -> 2
    • Max tier: 5 -> 4
  • Ride the Lightning:
    • Launch Van: 22 -> 20


Nothing has changed to Repair the Shelter.

For a complete overview of the current situation per mission type, view this spreadsheet. It is a work in progress: so far I have checked the best case scenario for each mission type. I still need to check the Radar, Encampment and Survivor missions.

4. Max chest tier per mission type

MissionMax ChestRequires group activity
Deliver the Bomb5No
Evacuate the Shelter5Yes
Fight Cat 1 Storm4No
Fight Cat 2 Storm5Yes
Fight Cat 3 Storm5No
Fight Cat 4 Storm6Yes
Repair the Shelter5No
Retrieve the Data4No
Ride the Lightning5Yes


The biggest takeaway is that only Deliver the Bomb, Cat 3 & Cat 4 Storm and Repair the Shelter will give you a tier 5 chest without completing a group activity. The reason I focus on group activities, is that drone crashes are seemingly random and fully completing a blu-glo siphon is very tedious. Group activities are also difficult to coordinate in pugs.

All I wrote is just concerning chest tiers, but actual reward amounts also differ per mission type. A quick look at Storm Chaser shows that even though the PL is the same, different missions give different amounts of rewards. An example at the moment of writing is that a PL100 Ride The Lightning gives 30K XP while a PL100 Retrieve the Data gives 32.5K XP. I don't fully understand what the reason is for this, and I also don't know if Storm Chaser is completely accurate, but it is something to keep in mind while min-maxing.

On top of all of that, rewards can crit. This means that if you're lucky, you get more rewards than usual.

5. Conclusion

While the mission chest reward bug is finally fixed, the rebalancing of rewards makes it more difficult to get a higher tier chest. In most missions you need to complete a lot of side objectives before receiving a higher tier chest. If you play without focusing too much on side objectives, you will only see an actual working tier increase in Deliver the Bomb, Cat 3 and 4 Storm and Repair the Shelter.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful for someone.

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