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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a suggestion post. If you guys remember Gif Image

So as you can see, the system is obviously not perfect. I was fighting time constraints amidst assignment deadlines and also working with a system I'm unfamiliar with (ProtoIO). That said, I really wanted to do this in a "prototyped format" rather than the usual pictorial illustrations because it just feels more comprehensive. I mean, how can I convince others to consider a suggestion I'm personally not willing to put the effort into designing? As such, I hope you guys pardon me for the

  • Poor UI design
  • Non-functioning elements

That said though, I feel that what is present is sufficient as a demonstration to help you guys understand what kind of a system I am trying to suggest here and hopefully keep you guys on track with my explanation down below.

What is it?

I always found the current hero system in Fortnite stifling. Players are forced into fixed cosmetics, abilities and perks. Not only are we not able to play the way we want, we are forced to pick specific heroes to get as close as possible to enjoy those playstyles. But what if we can change that? The system I'm suggesting works something like this

  1. You access it by clicking on the box you would usually click to change your heroes
  2. You are then redirected to a page where you choose one of the four classes. The class you pick determines the options available to you later
  3. On the hero loadout page, you have access to
    • Changing of cosmetics including skin, backpack, emotes, pickaxe and wall skin (if they add that)
    • Changing of support & tactical squads
    • Changing of your 3 abilities (notice me dragging the (+) to the skill?)
    • Picking the abilities you want by dragging them into slots. Obviously, you will have access to the full collection of skills and be able to scroll up and down to view them
  4. Finally, your changes are reflected on the heroes page upon returning

Essentially, where we were previously locked into cosmetics, abilities and perks, this system would allow us the freedom of mix-n-matching whatever we want. For example, we can pick up War Cry and take every ability that buffs War Cry and maybe some defensive ones as a support OR spec'ing Shockwave and Grenade with Keep Out going full AoE. The possibilities are endless. Obviously, people would then only pick "OP" abilities right…?

That's where the budget system come in

A hero is generally able to pick up a total of 8 abilities, 6 regular ones and 2 keystone ones. If you look at the current system, regular abilities would basically be those before level 20 and keystone ones are those at 25 and 30 respectively. A "score" would be attached to every ability in the game and with that, a budget for players to allocate from. As such,

  • A player who only picks "OP" abilities may end up spending all 30 budget points on only 6 or less abilities
  • Likewise, a player who stacks weaker abilities can end up with more than 8 abilities (my UI doesn't reflect that but this is totally do-able)

In other words, the system is meant to balance itself out

Some Caveats

Firstly, there are some adjustments the game has to make to adopt to this system. As it is at the moment, everything from llamas to collections book run off heroes. Obviously, heroes with predetermined perks and cosmetics have no place in a system like this. As such, we will need to change all the heroes to cosmetics instead such that when we open a llama, rather than getting a "hero", we get the skin. Likewise for the collections book, we are slotting skins in rather than heroes

Secondly, there are some indirect advantages of a system like this. As it is now, everytime Epic Games introduce a new ability, they have to fit them onto a hero with other abilities and try to make it work. With a new system like this, they can easily just add abilities and skins separately and players will have access to those new abilities when picking their loadouts

Lastly, there is a major problem with the system being that hero experience becoming redundant. Honestly, I see that as a good thing since less resource to manage translates into an easier experience overall. The game would just have to convert everyone's hero XP to one of the other XP available (survivor/schematic). That said, we could always just keep hero XP and use it to level up skins instead (refer to the first point). A leveled up skin will give you the full backpack/headgear as opposed to one which hasn't been

Edit: TinyZeusGrant has suggested potentially using the hero XP to level up the perks instead, for example taking a "Make It Rain" perk that starts off at 5% all the way up to 25%


To be frank, I don't expect Epic Games to implement this anytime soon or even at all. I just wanted to present a system that I feel could work and hopefully inspire something on Epic's end. Perhaps they could look into designing such a system themselves when looking into implementing a locker system for this game.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this, how you feel this can be improved and also any ideas you guys might have to add on. It is also very likely that I overlooked some major flaw so do go ahead and point that out if you find any. Lastly, thanks for continuing to bear with me and my ever lengthy posts.

TL;DR Made a prototype for a modular loadout system that allows for deep customization of a player's cosmetics, abilities and perks

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