Most fun match last night

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Played a Ride The Lightning mission in Canny. Recommended PL 56 and I was 55, so just under the recommended. Had another player in my party at PL 40 (I think? Certainly underleveled though) but he's able to hold his own so I didn't worry. Halfway through farming resources, completing my story line mission of finding bunkers and all that. I start collecting bluglo because I want to increase the difficulty for additional rewards. So I ask if the others are cool with it, they say yeah. We had minimal defenses before increasing the difficulty but once I started increasing it and the votes were going through, everyone went to work really quick.


Everyone built up more walls, some tunnels, upgraded existing walls. Laid down traps, created sniper towers for those that like to play from a distance, threw down some healing pads. It's like everyone knew what needed to be done without anyone complaining about not wanting to waste mats. It was awesome! Then once we had reinforced our defenses, we began the mission. Everyone ran around, going to points where husks were funnelling to help eliminate them. Taking out lobbers/flingers that were damaging our base. Repairing and building where needed. We worked so well as a team and it was nice to not be the ONLY one wasting mats on building and traps. One of the other randoms even said "This is how the game was intended to be" and I have to agree. When everyone plays together the game is really, really fun.

Just wanted to spread some positive vibes about the game, reminding people that the game can be enjoyable with the right group!

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