Must read. Overpowered & Underpowered.

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Ok… so yesterday i was playing some group missions at high twine. Missions where pl 100 with 118 husks in it.

I am pl 111 for now…shy of 112.

So as i was searching for a team i drop into a group of 2x pl 70s.

We engage in a convo and one of them throws out this.." with bonus we now pl 90 and 100…so now we can do this mission and we are not 50 lvls underpowered "

Here is what most players in fortnight do not understand.

Under your name when you join a mission there are 4 lines… fortitude… offence… tech and resistance. Each of those lines have numbers under your name. Those numbers are the stats behind you and your power lvl that represents what you have lvld in your skill tree…your reserch tree and how you lvled up your survivors.

Now… in my case as a pl 111 my bonus stats are almost 500+ on everything that i share with team members. This means each player that joins gets that 500 bonus that shoots them up in power. However… both of those players pl 70 had a combined bonus for me of 500… this means each gave me 250 bonus.

My bonus makes their life easy…but their bonus makes my life hard. And they also take up 1 more player spot. This means i am not trio the mission i am duo the mission.

Even if 2x pl 110+ are in a mission and 2x pl 70…the total pl bonus boosts make it equal to 3 total players that take up 4 player slots… There is a reason that the group missions say 4 players recommended! Not 3 players recommended but 4… and they expected those 4 players to be recommended power lvl to combine bonus boosts to play with husks 18 lvls above their own.


When a squad of equal power lvl to me joins… their combined bonus gives me 1500 bonus.

This interaction of bonuses of equal players gives a tremendous boost to all of us shooting us all very high up. And that in return makes out gameplay fun for all. And much…much more easier.

What ppl don't understand is that the individual stats behind their power lvl is extremely important and should always be the main focus.

So please for the love of god stay away from missions that you are severely underpowered. Do not join missions where your individual fire power without the boosts does not yeald results and efficiency in killing waves of husks.

Please do not over estimate your ability in doing missions that ruins the fun for others.

Also as a side note… Every group mission apart from overpowered husks they have other increase of difficulty.

Ina pl 100 group you get 118 husks + greater numbers of husks compared to.normal + husks perks like (death burst…enraged… slowing pools… ect) and many other nuances that if not in a full proper team…makes the mission extremely difficult and in some cases impossible to do.

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