My account was disabled because I requested an email change.

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I need to gain as much traction to this as possible because I have completely lost my account for simply requesting an email change. Let me explain: Recently I requested an email change, FROM MY MAIN EMAIL, not any other email. Now, it is important to note I recently did request an email change because I lost access to my previous email, I provided all the information needed to confirm it was me and it was completed perfectly, I started school this year again and failed to realize I was going to have to link my email to everything related to school. Well my reaction to that was I rather have my epic account linked to a more secure/less spam filled email. When I went to request for them to change it to said email I was greeted with a disturbing message reading " Your account has been disabled due to suspicious activity and will no longer function with any Epic Games' products or services. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. " now to my reaction I was furious! Why would they do such a thing? I literally just request another email change after providing 100% evidence I was not only the owner of the account, but have sent the email from my MAIN email, AKA the one already linked onto the account. Well to my behalf they once again responded with and I quote " Bans for any reason are not issued unless they are rightfully warranted. For this reason your ban will not be overturned. Due to internal security policy (and the protection of our software) we cannot disclose the methods that are used to identify any infraction. ". This is just outrageous, at this point I do not know what to do, not only have I lost my epic games account but I have lost literally all the money and time I have put into this game, all gone because I tried to switch my email. Even after I provided 100% proof I was the owner of the account, how is this in anyway suspicious enough to grant a PERMANENT DISABLEMENT of an account? Please I just want something to be done about this.


TL;DR: I requested an email change and epic thought it was suspicious and PERMANENTLY DISABLED my account, even after being sent from the email already linked to the account and providing 100% proof that I am the owner of the account.

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