My account was hacked and unlinked from my epic account. I’ve lost all my STW progress and items. Please help!

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - My account was hacked and unlinked from my epic account. I've lost all my STW progress and items. Please help!

This happened while I was logged into the game and playing.

I was kicked to the title screen in the middle of a game and was prompted to "log into my epic account" or proceed without creating one.

I thought this was weird and immediately tried to sign back in with my epic account information. I received this message when trying "Your account is already linked to different account". I logged into my epic games account webpage and noticed someone had unlinked my connected xbox account and re linked another account that I've never heard of. I unlinked the other account and changed all my passwords, but I am unable to re-link my original account.

So now when I try to log into the game I am PL 1 again in STW and my Battle Royale account has no skins.

I've spent around $400 dollars on vbucks for LLamas and skins. My BR account has a lot of skins including some rarer ones from halloween time and almost 1,000 total wins. I'm afraid someone took it to try and sell it.

I've looked around and have not seen anyone else with this same problem which scares me a lot.

Can anyone from EPIC help? I am unable to access my account at all.

Case ID: 4086874


UPDATE: Friends of mine helped me figure it all out last night. The hacker linked his x-box account to my epic account and un linked mine. When I was kicked off and tried to log back in it created a headless shadow account again, but I didn't know that happened again. I was able to log into my epic account and un link his account. When I tried to put my credentials back in to log into my account I received an "this account is already in use message" making me think the hacker re-linked my account elsewhere (not even sure this is possible). So I went through the steps of making a new email account and adding the headless account to that so I could unlink it from that and re-link it to my own account again.

Once I finally re linked it I was able to log into my account and I am extremely lucky the perpetrator didn't log into my save the world account and mess with my heroes or schematics. He did however spend about 6k vbucks on items and some of the battle pass… which isn't even a big deal, I'm just happy to have my account back!

Sorry for the long edit but I only posted this information in case someone else were to run into this same problem.

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