My big Wishlist for Season 6 for Save of the World

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  • Building bug fixed
  • Inventory/Sprint/Building/Camera lock bug fixed
  • Unbuildable sidewalk bug fixed
  • Mission vote stuck on screen bug fixed
  • Deliver the Bomb mission soft-locks fixed
  • Invisible Cans of Spam/Tin Cans fixed
  • Un-interactable rescued Survivor bug fixed
  • Outlander Fragment bug fixed(will be missed, but it needs to be fixed)
  • Stun CC fixed(it currently does not Stun as long as it says it claims to)
  • Low PL Loot dropping in higher PL SSDs fixed
  • TEDDY's false 'Bear Stare' effect from Soldier grenades w/ 'Keep Out!' or Blaster Blasts fixed
  • Shock Gunner's 'Shocking Embrace' Tactical fixed(currently does nothing)
  • Reclaimer's 'Energized' Support fixed(supposedly does not work)
  • Machinist's perks added to every Constructor bug fixed(supposedly every Constructor has her perks)
  • Stonefoot's 'Born to Kill' Tactical fixed(supposedly does not work)
  • Healing Deathburst lag spike when killing multiple enemies next to each other fixed


  • Vanguard class given unique perk to reduce Anti-Material Charge's cooldown upon striking enemies instead of 'Structural Strike'
  • Shock Trooper class given a unique perk that allows Shockwave to leave a field of energy like 'Keep Out!' instead of 'Waste Not Want Not'
  • Trailblazer's 'Where We're Going We Need Roads' perk changed to 'Overbearing'
  • Rook class's Seismic Impact changed to Shock Tower
  • Constructor's Plasma Pulse ability reworked to behave the same as 'Your Move, Creep' Tactical instead of the randomized orb spill
  • Constructor's Recycling to be only claimed by them OR automatically have the materials generated into their inventory, putting the overflow into the BASE where anyone can claim
  • Constructor's Bull Rush ability reworked to behave the same as 'China Shop' Tactical; rework China Shop to increase width of Bull Rush
  • Soldier's War Cry ability to also passively heal player's affected by the buff; the amount regenerated depends on the affected player's Health Regen stat
  • Ninja's Shadow Stance to 'disengage' enemies such as Blaster Blasts, Zapper Zaps, etc until it wears off
  • Enforcer's 'Shielded' Support Bonus changed to something else; there's no need to have 3 Classes with the same perk(Enforcer/BASE/Vintage-Tech)
  • Phase Scout's…everything
  • Wall Lights trap re-worked to stun much longer, but with reduced durability/longer reload time; sort of like a Stun+Wall version of Floor Freeze Trap
  • Give Floor Freeze Trap Water damage
  • Supply Drop gadget reworked to have a timer of around 2min & max upgrades providing 150 of each material
  • Proximity Mine Gadget reworked; unsure how to do so, since it's basically a 1-time use Floor version of Ceiling Electric Field that can trigger propanes
  • Change Duct Tape's crafting from 2 Herb+1 Resin to 1 Herb+2 Resin; Resin is currently an underused ingredient compared to Herbs
  • Remove the mini-boss teleporting "feature" when trapped/slowed too much; this literally does nothing but give the husks a free pot-shot at us for building a strong fort
  • Rework 'Bear Stare' from having the short bursts of Energy damage to a longer beam of Energy that has longer bursts; change base damage from 27 to 30
  • Increase 'Escape Artist' Tactical to last 10s instead of 4s
  • Reduce 'Firewall' Tactical cooldown from 48s to 20-16s
  • Rework 'Kinetic Punch' Tactical to apply Affliction Damage instead
  • Rework 'Iron Knuckles' to also apply Energy damage to Anti-Material Charge
  • Rework 'Phase Blast' Tactical to have a larger blast
  • Change 'Where We're Going We Need Roads' Tactical to a Support bonus; increase bonus every Evolution, up to 20%(10/15/20)
  • Reduce 'Quick Clip' bonus from 30% to 20%; reduce Tactical version from 13/23/30% to 10/15/20%
  • Reduce 'Make It Rain' bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Rework 'Riot Shield' to apply Damage Resistance during & after Bull Rush for 6s
  • Rework Exploding Deathburst modifier to only work when killed by ranged weapons
  • Rework Acid pools modifier to do less damage or trigger only on melee kills
  • Allow Zapotron to pierce terrain(and in turn Super Shielder Shields)
  • Allow Energy weapons to do more damage to Shielder Shields, both Regular & Super
  • Reduce Mission Alert Cooldown times from 24hrs to 12hrs
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Quality of Life

  • Horde Mode pickaxe in Storm Shields(single hit destroys buildings; refunding materials not necessary)
  • Award Mini-Llamas from completing any 'Play with Others' mission & w/o using alerts if playing in an alert mission; encourages more PwO uses & helps not to contribute to SSD carrying unprepared/underleveled Players
  • Allow other players to join your Stormbase before activating the Defense; having to need to initiate the defense without anyone is really annoying, I'd rather wait in my base for people to join than to start the counter>no one joins>counter reaches 0>Quit Mission>Repeat
  • Temporarily remove Storm Chests for a few weeks as to see how it will affect those who join high level zones just to farm them & then leave/ignore the objective for a meager reward; possibly also re-work to spawn mini-bosses that do not drop loot
  • Remove the Unlimited Rare & Epic Random Schematic for a x1-3 Random Legendary Schematic for 2,000 Gold in the Weekly Store; with Researching from the Collection Book now a thing, Random Rare & Epic Schematics have lost their value significantly
  • Add Epic Perk-Up to the Weekly Store; unsure what the quantity or value would be
  • Add a way to convert/exchange Flux to Perk-Up; later on, Rare Flux loses its value pretty easily, this would allow more uses for it alongside Epic Flux
  • Add Legendary Flux as a high PL Alert/Mega Alert Reward; Legendary Flux is a very scare resource, requiring 2 weeks to either research an item from the Collection Book or to evolve an Epic rarity item, this would help alleviate that issue
  • Prevent low PL players from being able to mine higher PL zones' Ore; a PL24 should not be able to harvest a Shadowshard/Obisdian Ore without having the proper upgraded pickaxe to do so
  • Scale Loot Llama rewards to the Player's PL instead of the zone; a PL20 should not be able to find Shadowshard/Obsidian inside their loot llamas in a PL 70+ zone, only Silver/rarely Malachite
  • Prevent a player from using a weapon higher than they're allowed to via Skill Tree progression; if a player cannot upgrade to Evo2 Weapons, they should not be able to hold Evo3-5 ones
  • Allow Defenders to have their perks re-rollable; Defenders are already in a tough spot, mostly considered useless to most players, this would allow them to be a valuable investment if done right
  • Display a counter above Constructors with 'Feel the BASE' to notify how many more husks until the explosion occurs
  • Display '+' icons all over tiles affected by a Constructor's BASE w/ Power Modulation to easily display if that tile is affected by the self-healing effects
  • Change the appearance of the corners of tiles affected by BASE w/ Electrified Floors to a blue or gray color instead of yellow
  • Change the appearance of an Outlander's TEDDY/Shock Tower depending on their perks to help differentiate who's TEDDY that is etc
  • Soldiers with 'Shock Phase' Tactical should have an aura similar to a mini-boss around them to signify the Damage Resistance boost is active or not
  • After completing Rescue the Survivors/Build the Radar Grid, allow players the choice to either stay & resource or to evacuate via a Mission Control panel located at the Spawn Area
  • Tint the storm red, yellow, or blue depending if the wave/zone has an Elemental Storm active OR display an icon that lasts until the next wave to show what element is currently in play
  • Alternating Events
  • Change the Daily Coin items to rotate Daily instead of Weekly; add a third spot in the Store in doing so
  • Add a Husk-o-pedia in the game's menu to learn more about husks you've fought against; this would include information like elements, what they're weak to(ex. Flingers are weak to Melee attacks), etc
  • Add counters to how many Alerts you have remaining & how long it will take for them to replenish somewhere in the menu
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  • Less Jonesy/Penny/Sarah/Jess, more Banshee/Hype/Scorpion/Quinn; Epic confirmed to be white supremacists /s(<- That means Sarcasm, fyi)
  • More Founder rewards(Cloaked Star & Syd were missed opportunities)
  • StW Locker for Emotes(I want to Intensity as Jess, Work It Out as Hype, or Breakdown as Grizzly)

Probably missing a lot more, especially weapon & Hero balancing, but I think I got most of the stuff I wanted.


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