My entry for Suggestion Saturday: The Top Secret Expansion

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - My entry for Suggestion Saturday: The Top Secret Expansion

New Heroes:

Midas, TNTina, Skye, and Ocean as Outlanders and Brutus, Meowscles, and Jules as Soldiers. Both Ghost and Shadow versions could be chosen as hero edit styles once Midas, TNTina, Skye, Brutus, and Meowscles are maxed out. Jules and Ocean would be obtainable in the Event Store, by opening Spy Llamas, or by Hero Voucher in the Collection Book.

New Weapons:

Midas's Typewriter, TNTina's KaBoom Bow, Skye's Seigebreaker, Meowscles' Heavy Assault Rifle, and Brutus' Minigun could be added as mythics that are obtained by completing special challenges after obtaining the hero they're named after. They should be significantly buffed versions of the weapons they're based on, except for the Minigun, where it's damage is 1/2 the normal Minigun's damage and has the same overheating mechanic as it does in BR.

New Heroes' Perks:

Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug could be added as Ocean's perk, taking 15 seconds to drink when in the support slot with a 60 second cooldown, and when in the Commander slot, it increases all damage output by 15% for 45 seconds, movement speed by 15%, reload speed by 20%, and attack speed/fire rate by 10%. Similar to Coconuts and Sub Wafers, but it's automatically added into your inventory at the start of the match and is immediately put on cooldown.

As for Jules, since she'd be a soldier, replace the Minigun ability with Jule's Typewriter and make it a purely cosmetic difference. Her perk could be called "Engineering Genius" or something and increase fire rate and reload speed.

Midas's perk could be the "Golden Touch", turning melee attackers into gold for 10 seconds. Eliminating them during that 10 seconds would give you 1 gold to spend in the item shop. Since he's an outlander, give him a golden Teddy with a white suit when he's commander.

TNTna's perk (yes I know somebody already has this one) should increase explosive weapon damage. Since she'd also be an outlander, make Teddy shoot little homing missiles instead of bullets when she's the Commander.

Skye's perk could increase Teddy fire rate by 25%. Fairly basic, I know, but the commander perk could be a Teddy that looks like the Guff outfit, has dual Seigebreakers instead of the integrated guns, and shoots twice as fast as the normal Teddy.

Brutus' perk could affect the Goin' Commando ability. 1 Henchmen with a minigun is spawned beside the player when the ability is triggered and they shoot in the same direction as you, doing 1/2 the damage of a normal player. As commander, you'd summon two henchmen, one on either side of you, instead of only 1.

Meowscles' perk could be where eliminations drop a ball of yarn, with a 15% chance for dropping golden yarn, and they'd work similarly to Jolly Headhunter's perk, buffing a random stat for a limited time. Meowscles could have dual Hand Cannons (preferably the newer BR version) that heal you every time a shot hits an enemy instead of a basic Lefty and Righty as Commander.

New Map Area and Zones:

A "Top Secret" map pin (Visible while the Spies! questline is active or during a ventures season) that leads to the following zones:

The Agency: The main Agency building from BR in the center of the map with henchmen, the Midas boss (no mythic), and a vault with loot that's actually usable (no PL26 traps/weapons when I'm PL106 and the zone is PL88). The surrounding terrain is basically just Stonewood Grassland. Midas is unlocked by eliminating him in a successful mission in this zone.

The Rig: The Rig POI from BR with the new swimming feature. Half of the zone should be the actual Rig POI and the other half can be a seaside port that appears to be loading ships, storing and transporting shipping containers, and basically a bigger Dirty Docks. The main Rig POI would also have henchmen, a boss that only drops a keycard, and a vault with appropriate loot for the zone's PL. TNTina is unlocked by eliminating her in a successful mission in this zone.

The Shark: The Shark POI from BR, also with the swimming feature. It should have large surrounding islands to take up the empty space, with additional outposts and secret bases on those islands. This is where boats (could be literal rowboats idc) and being able to build off of water would be incredibly useful. Same thing, henchman, a mythic-less boss, and vault. Skye is unlocked by eliminating her in a successful mission in this zone.


The Grotto: Seems like a normal Grasslands zone, but it houses the Grotto POI from BR, with the main doors facing a bay that takes up 1/8 of the zone. Swimming would also be pretty vital for this one. As for the wind tunnels, they could be completely disabled or just not affect the player at all, since I know skydiving and gliding is disabled in STW. Again, henchmen, boss with no mythic, and a vault. Brutus is unlocked by eliminating him in a successful mission in this zone.

The Yacht: The Yacht POI from BR. This one could be as easy as making a copy of the Rig zone, deleting the whole Rig part, and replacing it with the Yacht. Same thing, henchmen, mythic-less boss, and a vault. Meowscles is unlocked by eliminating him in a successful mission in this zone.

New Game Modes:

Infiltration: A stealth-based mission where you spawn next to Lars' van. The goal is to enter any of the bases in the new zones I just described, steal security plans, armory data, and agent information, take it back to Lars' van, and do it all without being caught. The disguise phone booths would spawn only in these missions, but the disguise would only last 60 seconds, giving you a warning when it has 5 seconds left. If you're caught, the base will begin going into lockdown. At this point, your goal is to escape the base in one piece, as the boss and a literal legion of henchmen with miniguns, LMGs, SMGs, and assault rifles will begin hunting you down. The mission ends when you board Lars' van or get eliminated after being caught, and is a success only if you get the plans, data, and information to Lars.

Storm the Base: An assault mission where your goal is to attack any of the bases in the new zones I described. There will be 5 capture zones, 3 of which are under enemy control, 1 is neutral, and 1 is controlled by Homebase. Your goal is to capture all the points with the help of Homebase's soldiers. This mode can have vehicles such as the Quadcrasher, X-4 Stormwing, and Choppa to aid with mobility. Once you have captured 4 of the 5 points, the boss will spawn in the last control point. You win by either eliminating the boss or capturing the last point, whichever comes first. Yes, it's basically a Dynasty Warriors/Hyrule Warriors mission, but it should last as long as a typical, non-speedrun Dungeon and give lots of useful resources, scaled to the player's PL.

Note: The 2 new modes I described will be permanently on the "Top Secret" map. Other modes (such as Fight the Storm, Retrieve the Data, etc.) won't be available in this area, but the rewards for these special missions will be refreshed daily and have a chance at giving V-bucks/X-Ray tickets like normal missions. 1 version of each zone is available for each of the two modes.

Changes to existing modes:

Ride the Lightning: Lars is now an NPC that is standing behind the van. Talking to Lars will give you the option to increase difficulty and start the mission. When you start the mission, Lars gets back in the van only comes out when the first defense is over. The balloon also now shakes slightly in the wind like the Battle Bus's balloon in BR. The balloon slowly expands as the first defense happens, and during the second defense, Lars packs up his stuff, locks the van, and the van levitates slightly above the ground.

Retrieve the Data: The amount of files is reduced to 10, but the time to retrieve each file is 1 second longer. A team of survivor NPCs is surrounding the drop spot, and they can't leave the 1×1 area. Talking to their leader will give you the option to start the mission and increase difficulty. When the balloon lands, either by being shot down or landing slowly, the survivor NPCs do some button pressing and hook up the package to a satellite dish that beams the files back to Homebase.

Deliver the Bomb: The Armory, Launcher, and tracks are given proper textures. A unique victory cutscene is also played at the end, showing the Launcher take aim and nuke the Rift. Should be a pre-rendered video like every other victory cutscene.

Ventures: Max level is now Lvl 100 instead of Lvl 50, and a Ventures Pass can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks. This pass contains STW-exclusive cosmetics that relate in some way to the Ventures season theme, but doesn't have free v-bucks. The free tier of the pass contains all of the rewards that are typically obtained in Ventures, along with certain free things like pickaxes, emoticons, and back blings.

Yes, these are just ideas and concepts that Epic will probably ignore, but they asked for suggestions so I'm giving them some.

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