My Epic account is continually being targeted.

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I’ve seen this pop up before here but with no resolution. I get emails weekly saying my Epic account has been logged into and to verify two step authentication. The only reason I added two step was because someone on here saying they were charged and were having trouble getting their money back. I figured they were attempting to log in but just realized they already somehow had the password and that email was the SECOND step.

So I do all the things I’m supposed to do. I change my password. I clear my phone history and cookies etc etc. I’m careful what I click on and respond to. (I only browse the web on my phone. No chance to ever having someone phish my old pc). I even made sure I had no payment info saved with them. And checked any correspondence I had lately from “epic games” via searching my trash bin. Nothing.


So epic says to email them via a link in their OFFICIAL email chain. I figure why not? Let’s see what they plan on doing about these continued security breaches or where the breach likely came from since my incident isn’t obviously isolated.


Give. Me. A. Break. Is there a community manager here that wants to chime in? I would like an option to change to a more secure method, like cell phone numbers instead of emails for verification at the very least and some assurance billing info can’t be viewed or used without the same steps. Thanks.

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