My expectations for Canny Valley update

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So, with this new Survive The Storm event we received a gorgeous new map, the desert. Obviously this map is more or less what we're getting for Canny Valley.

At first I felt a bit uneasy moving to a desert/wild west kind of scenario for the reasons of "how am I gonna get wood in a desert??". Well, there's lots of cactuses everywhere.

I hope Canny gets released soon, we're already getting super near the middle of the year and epic said the game was probably going to go free to play this year, so that's my first expectation.

  • The game will go free to play alongside Canny Valley questline release. I expect that to happen because Twine Peaks still feels too far away, and I think it'll be added in the Future, after the actual release.

  • In Canny Valley, we'll meet Dr. Vindertech. Or not, but if not, we'll barely miss him. The mission we had to defend the databases in the middle of Plankerton has already been that, though.

  • New husk enemy types. With every SSD, we used to get bits of animations of enemies and their supporsed "role" in the attack. What I hope here is anything less frustrating than propanes. From Canny SSD 1-5, we'll receive 1 or 2 new "normal" husk enemies and 1 new mist monster. Probably a husk with the ability to stun players with an AoE screeching attack, or a "commander" of sorts, that buffs husks movement speed and/or other aspects.

  • The next questline. It's probably gonna be about 20 pages long. And I hope for better rewards. If possible mostly epic rewards, so that Twine has mostly legendary rewards once it comes. Also please not 4000 schematic/survivor exp, we can't level up anything even once with these puny amounts.

  • New mini-objectives inside missions. Like Anomalies or Bluglo syphons. During Stonewood and Plankerton, we had Bluglo syphon missions, encampment missions, save survivors missions. We could have bots we could rescue just like survivors, buildings we could seal husks in, simple and mostly "recolored" stuff we already have, just to give a sense of fresh, even if kinda fake.

  • New mission types. Actual new missions, with different focuses. Less "defend X for Y minutes" and more like "rush to the objective" in a closes quarters map like a mine, where you have to fight your way through husks, building bridges to get through in the process, with a timer. Boss fighting missions with a dungeon before. (Like the trio from the easter event, but less bullshit and a single, way bigger mob). Building missions (like the easter bunny mission), ans so on and so forth. We need these to keep the Canny questline at least a bit new. Or if just keeping the same style, something like "defend the oasis" where a corrupted oasis gets its water purified while we kill husks for Y minutes.

  • New characters. People like Dennis and Ray, but maybe this time characters that take actual roles in the missions. An interesting side mission would be us finding randomly a scientist survivor and while he scatters through a bunker for data we would defend him from husks. It's basically saving a survivor, but new stuff for them to do. Their AI is pretty poor, but enough for something like that.

  • Not so much related to Canny release, but new traps. We have a shitton of weapons, but not quite as many traps at the moment. (Also they have way less bullshit perk rolls, so the chance of feeling frustrated when getting a new trap is way smaller).

What do you guys expect or think "needs* to happen before Canny? Let's brain storm (hah) a bit together.

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