My feedback on the Twine scaling changes

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - My feedback on the Twine scaling changes

To start with I do want to say that this is probably the most disappointing update I've been around for, hence the feedback. I do also want to emphasize that I do still see some positives in the update. I wanted to give a nice breakdown of the pros and cons as they affect me. I will not be discussing how they impact the game as a whole in this main post, it'll end up entirely too long as it is, but I'm happy to discuss in the comments. So, let's get into it!

To start with, lemme give a quick breakdown on my history and playstyle to give an idea of where I'm coming from. I started playing during Fortnitemares in 2018 and advanced… relatively rapidly. Canny pt2 came out when I was at the beginning of pt1, and pt3 released when I was mostly through pt2. PL114 before 8.0 came out, currently PL129. I'm gone for work for about 11-12 hours a weekday but play a good amount on weekends. I get home right after the alert rotation so on weekdays I usually only catch one of the four. My profile is here.

I'll start out with the cons, because I want to end on a positive note.

  • The biggest offender: survivor XP on 4x missions. Look, I can understand wanting filler on 4x missions so that they're not constantly evo mats or perkup, or at least I can understand that Epic has reasons for it even if I don't understand those reasons. But survivor XP after the boost was already unnecessary on the 4x missions leading up to PL100. By the time you're up to PL126 and PL128 missions, you do not need this, at all. The mere fact that you're able to make it into those missions means you no longer need incredible amounts of survivor XP at once. If for some reason filler is needed, at least make it schematic/hero XP, which can still be used long after survivor XP no longer can. New heroes and weapons are always coming out. Once survivor squads are finalized, that's it, without a revamp to the system itself.

  • Removing some lower level missions in order to add higher missions was unnecessary. It hurts all players not at cap, and for players that match my playstyle it's not good either. I like bouncing between certain types of missions and worrying less about the specific rewards on those missions, as long as I need something from them. Reducing the mission pool like this makes it so that I can find less of those mission types at any given time. This is most noticeable with the storm alerts. Back with 8.0 when the beta alerts came out the zones were expanded. That was one of the most positive changes from 8.0, honestly up there with the hero loadout itself, and that change was basically undone in Twine.

  • I was conflicted on where to put this, but… the alert system information needs to be in the game. The system itself hasn't changed much but it's changed enough to really throw off the third party systems that display those alerts. It's really made it obvious how bad it is that this information isn't displayed in game somewhere.

Neutral changes:

  • Reward scaling: This was already an issue where rewards like perk-up didn't scale from PL76 to PL100. It's still an issue, nothing from the patch made it worse, it just made it more obvious. Overall it needs adjustment but I'm marking it as neutral because again, 8.5 didn't create the issue, it just made it more obvious now that we have content that isn't just a walk in the park.

  • Higher health for structures: I play Outlander a lot so it doesn't impact me as much since AMC destroys everything anyway. For my personal playstyle, this is annoying but not gamebreaking. I'm generally assuming they just forgot to tweak some numbers here, and it should be an easy fix. I'm gonna give this a couple patches before I start to get annoyed here.

And finally, the pros.

  • Increased material drops: Pretty good, even though it doesn't seem like it at first glance. I don't think it met other expectations but the increase seems to have done enough for me where I can consistently play everything other than PL128 4 mans and come out neutral to positive. The ratio that things drop probably needs tweaking (still getting more T4 than T5 and by the time you make it to 128 that shouldn't be the case) but the increase is still very noticeable, so I'm marking this down as a win.

  • 4 player missions that are not mega alerts: This is easily the best change in 8.50 and probably the best from the previous few patches. I hate looking at a mission and saying "Do I want to use a mega alert on a mission I'm going to run only a few times?" and "Do I really want to run this same mission over, and over, and over, and over again?" and this change fixed both of those. If I want to run for perkup a couple times I can do that. If there's nothing good on a 4x I don't have to wait very long for another rotation where something better might come along. I believe this will be an especially positive change once 9.0 rolls around since you'll be able to fill in time between 4x missions with ticket missions, instead of spamming the hell out of ticket missions for several days and then running nothing but a single 4x for an entire day. (Remember, I'm only around for a single 6 hour rotation for 5 out of 7 days at best.) Again, needs tweaking, but this is nothing but a positive change for me.

So, how can we improve this update? A few recommendations I'd make:

  • Remove survivor XP from any 4 mans above PL100 missions. It's not needed. If someone needs survivor XP, they can hit up something PL100 or below, since PL100 4 man already gives something like 800k-1.1mil per run. We could take this a step further and also remove it from any mission at PL124, PL126, and PL128.

  • Rework the PL of the missions. We don't need weird gaps like I have above. Drop two of the six sets out, and make the new PL 108, 116, 124, and either 130 or 132.

  • Expand Twine, don't change Twine. Again, that expansion with 8.0 was so nice, it added a lot of additional options for people to play, and with the alert system you don't have to worry about people getting all sorts of extra rewards.

  • Reward scaling: The scaling between low PL and high PL doesn't have to be huge, but it should be something. I like the ability to just casually play a lower PL mission (still in Twine) and feel like I'm getting rewarded still, but the higher PL missions should absolutely receive more perkup/evo mats than the lower ones do. Storm alerts seem to be scaling, the issue is the permanent rewards that don't seem to scale based on PL or even chest tier. It should scale on both, but at least make it scale on one.

  • Implement one or two higher pickaxe tiers, potentially just with research points so you don't have to re-tweak commander level rewards. It's not like we're using research for anything else anyway. You could also just make it so that there's one pickaxe per area that you get with skill points and research points increase the effectiveness. Again, I don't have specifics but two hits for a stop sign is bananas.

  • Make the current 4x missions all have mega alerts, and then either change all of the non-alert missions that grant 2x rewards into 4x rewards, or add 4x to the pool of missions that can be generated in those locations. I think this would offer a nice balance for those looking to farm missions for a solid few hours and those looking to play a few different missions and not go so hard. And in case Epic needs to be told this… nobody runs those 2x reward missions that have no alerts. They're not worth the time since you could actually run a mission that has a storm alert that you've already run and still get more rewards because it still counts towards the storm alert quest that grants gold.

  • An expansion of the previous bullet point, change non-alerts to rotate every 45 minutes (eight per 6 hour rotation) or hour (six per 6 hour rotation). This gives a little more wiggle room on the missions. Some of the 4x missions right now can only be run once before they rotate back out.

  • Putting this one last because it's not really a complaint I've thought about much, but I've seen others bring it up quite a bit. Can we remove blue schematics from the potential loot on a miniboss in Twine? The royal at the end of Canny, which is going to be easier content to those of us in Twine than a lot of the minibosses, can only drop epic or legendary schematics. Minibosses should do the same.

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