My first year playing Fortnite: Save The World

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This post is meant only to share my experience of my first year playing STW.

T’was the distant year of 2019 in which the addition of X-ray tickets threatened the farm I once thought save the world was. I must admit I’m ashamed of my thinking back then, but it was what it was. Upon download, I saw the horror that was the storm and the efforts of homebase to vanquish it.

My missions in Stonewood were surprisingly alright. The first SSD went along as expected, Ray’s enthusiasm and dread manifesting in great dialogue. Once I reached Lars and the first RTL mission, I noticed the importance of proper building and the attack directions of the husks. After the second SSD and getting help from Major Oswald, I struggled to understand the true impact of survivors, so I left them on autofill, whoops. I couldn’t figure out the importance of great weapons like the Pulsar 3000, so I missed that great opportunity, but I farmed gold to get any future weapons and heroes. My first experience with scammers was in the Durr Burger build battle, some poor soldier was scammed by an outlander with promises of god rolls and 130s. Eventually, I don’t know how, but I got my first Epic hero: Centurion Hawk. Later, I noticed V-bucks in the mission rewards and a mini boss alert, I thought it was gonna be the hardest mission I’d ever do, but the other players had amazing weapons and traps, so the mission was over as soon as it started. After getting help from Director Riggs, I got to launch the rocket and sail off to Plankerton.

Plankerton was definitely an awakening, I understood the importance of power levels and the need to fill in the survivor squads in myself. The transition from copper to silver had me farm nervously, and once I reached a sustainable amount of tier 2 materials, I was ready to initiate project Plankhattan. I discovered the subreddit around this time, and started to look at different strategies and setups. I don’t have the guts to deal with community issues and problems with communication between Epic and us, so I mainly stayed out of those, but they were getting more and more evident as time went on. I took a break from STW since I could only play on PC and I couldn’t access it for a while. When I returned, I helped Dennis look for some burgers and faced myself with the dreaded “What’s in the box?” mission. This mission took me a solid 3 days to finish, I was lucky. Much later, I faced myself against the battle of Plank Harbor: Category 3 storm. I went all out, I farmed materials, crafted traps, and trained defenders. Plank Harbot was as good as free. Later, after a botched defense of a Vindertech facility, I found out that Dr. Vinderman might be as good as dead. But that was to be found out later. After a long journey, on an early morning at 3:17 a.m. Canny Valley was reached.


Canny Valley was a hell of a ride, A little after getting there and saying goodbye to all my pure drops of rain, there was a glitch that opened up all of Canny, which let me face the horrors of future missions. The history behind the valley and the monument to Vinderman prepared me for what was to come… yeah right, STEEL WOOL LET’S GO! the mysterious storm was finally being decrypted bit by bit by Lars, Syd, Carlos, and Anthony. This wasn’t the first storm! There were signs in the rocks, the caves, and oh my, I’ve reached Gravestone. Blackboot Ayer’s revolver was no match for the might of Carbide’s zip and zap, and I huckleberried him right in the mustache! By then, I had completed the Blockbuster quest line and was filled in when Desiree and Carlos showed up. I knew from the long road home quest line that Desiree wouldn’t be here permanently, but hey, what am I to do? Rescuing Carlos from the great beyond wasn’t easy, as you know (and as I forgot), nature husks and metal don’t mix well. Some missions later, Ray found out that the ultimate sacrifice had to be done by a human, and sought out a solution. The way to Dr. Vinderman’s mansion was found through power lines, old maps, and train stations. And yesterday, I managed to retrieve his A.I.

I’ve been playing this wonderful game for a year, I’m PL 79, and currently destroying servers for more processing power for Vinderman’s A.I. I look forward to defeating the Storm King, playing the Stand and Fight track on loop for ten days straight, and maybe getting to face the Mythic Storm King once and for all. I’m so glad I was saw Save The World for what it truly is, a coalition of commanders ready to face anything the storm can throw at them. Ventures releases tomorrow and I don’t know what to expect, I’m excited to see what they’re all about, but I’m also nervous they are the last bone they throw at us. This post isn’t meant to flare up anyone, I just want you to know about my experience with this game so that maybe you can share yours as well. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been here since day 1, or if we bought the MTL pack, in the end, we are all saving the world.

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