My honest suggestions for simple tweaks that would make me appreciate this game so much more


First, let me start saying that since ventures is what this game become all about, i think would be best if every 50 level on ventures each season reward you with enough superchargers for at least one full upgrade each (heroes, weapons, traps) and a round number for survivors too (3-4?) just for the sake of convienece and sense of completion but more then that, i wanna ask for 5 simple specific things that are very minors and could be easily added to the game.

  1. Upgrade rarity option for Founder's revolt. Cmon… even the bundle thingys have it.
  2. Steel Wool Lars as a playable Ninja. (A swinging guitar musical dragon slash would be even better). Maybe a musical pulsing zone trail or even Knockback and/or Energy element dragon slash for commander? Also, PLEASE do something about their abysmal band team perk.
  3. Would be so nice to have the option choose which weapon you wanna showcase on Clip's armory. Also, altough i sincerily doubt that will ever happen, MSK weapons for the missing types ones would be higly praised
  4. Ventures are good in their own way, but i honestly think that SUPER CHARGERS should be only about that BLUE STAR and not a post level 50 thing. It would be nice to see a blue star (super charged) malachite weapon, for example. Obviously, the number of blue stars would limit itself to the number of upgrades so 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively. This is so much better for newer players that are not maximum level yet but already want to go foward with that one particular schematic instead of waiting to complete (the incomplete) game history line.
  5. As for the last and more complicated thing (not that much) i wanna ask is: i've always accepted the whatever numbers were showing in-game either being a schematic level or the player 131 power level cuz it was an early acces incompleted history, but as this game is somehow "finished" and now the devs are just adding the in-betweens wouldn't it be more appropriate to set the maximum levels a cohesive and easy to remember values like 150 PL and 150 super charged schematics? I'm not asking for any buff or damage changes simply visual adjustments.


And one last polarizing topic that i feel like should be at least mentioned is: WHY just W-H-Y do we have to choose between shadowshard/obsidian > brightcore/sunbean? Seriously. They have their differences and applications, but i feel like you guys are missing on such a huge chance here to make them both viable choices without the hassle that it is making 2 or more fully upgraded version of the same schematic. Not only this would simplify and facilitate everyone's life but create space for potentially new rocks/stones with more applicabities or even making the mythics more expensive consuming them both as they should.

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