My Husk Warper build.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - My Husk Warper build.

So I have an interesting build for you guys:

(Some of you may have seen me post this before)

Dark Vanguard Airheart mixing it up with the new Husk Warper!

The playstyle is fairly straight forward: You start the match by looting containers for coconuts, between 10-15 will get you through any defense. If you collect even more – feel free to share the nuts with your team. You also want to collect 2 blu-glo for the healthpylon because of the increased health both increases your tankiness and your damageoutput. You will be spamming your heavy attack, just in case this wasn't obvious. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to place your base on the objective, if you dont have a dedicated constructor!

There are several aspects that I have taken into consideration with this particular build:

First off, i'll tell you about my perks on the Husk Warper: 1x Armor, 2x Critical Hit Damage, 1x Critical Rating, and energy (locked in). For the 6th perk, you can either go with the "crit creates 7 projectiles", or the "elimination creates a circle of damage. Visually the first one is the most gratifying. I don't have anything to base this on, but the 2nd one has the potential to do more dmg due to the vacuum aspect of the heavy attack. The reasoning for these perks will be explained below.

Lets look at what makes this synergize and work so well together. First off we have the defensive side to it:

The teamperk Blast from the past, saurian hide, goin' coconuts, and the armor perk from the weapon will grant you a whooping 3x raw HP, +73 armor and on-demand 25% of your total health, with a heal-over-time + 16% damageboost for a while. In a full 131 team with the healthpylon activated, I run with roughly 1.44 million HP. You will be incredibly tanky!!


On the aggressive side:

The synergies are incredible within this setup. The Husk Warper's heavy attack pulls in enemies and causes a delayed AOE attack. You have the commanderperk: Software+ which gives you 200% Heavy Attack Efficiency. You have the Plasma Arc with 20% chance to proc and deal an additional 58% of damage dealt to everything you just pulled in. Actuated attacks for the +17% hardware damage, goin' coconuts for the +16% dmg and finally the saurian claws. The claws need to be explained a little:

they add 5.5% (this effect is boosted by both the healthpylon and the teamperk) of your current health to all of your melee attacks. This damage is added AFTER the damage is calculated on your weapon, and this dmg is considered physical. So on every non-elemental enemy, that is roughly +80k dmg, and on elemental mobs +40k.

The highest level of enemies I have tried this against is pl 132 (thus far) – I was able to facetank the miniboss easily with goin' coconuts keeping my health topped off.

To summarize what happens when you do a heavy attack: You bunch enemies, do energy AOE DMG (potentially proccing arc), proccing kinetic overload (again potentially proccing the arc), then the 6th perk will either pop 7 projectiles or a circle of dmg (Arc once again, i think) and finally add 40-80k dmg to each enemy caught in the blastzone.

TL:DR Get a Husk Warper and perk it with 1x armor, 1x critrating, 2x CHD, and either 7 projectiles on crit or a damagering on eliminate. – Gather the team from the picture. Activate the HP pylon and collect 15 coconuts and go crazy on husks!!

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