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It has been proposed quite a few times, but I wanted to offer my take on it. One reason why I think this game can feel repetitive is because most missions use building as a tool for PASSIVE DEFENSE. What I mean by this is:

  1. You take your sweet time building while the husks twiddle their thumbs
  2. You tell the husks you're ready
  3. They comply and start marching through your kill tunnels while you ride the pony

I think a game mode where builders are forced to build in the heat of battle can make gameplay more diverse and engaging. A fortnite-style raid could be a way to implement that.

Raid ideas and class roles


  • Starts out in an enclosed area.
  • Fight begins as soon as all players are ready. No time for pre-emptive building.
  • Boss has high HP and can summon mobs.
  • Each player gets only 1 self-respawn. Otherwise, another player must revive you if you go down. You lose if everybody on your team is dead and has no more respawns.


  • Boss becomes enraged and invulnerable to dmg every so often. This effect can be temporarily removed (or prevented) by activating and defending an objective from mobs for a short amount of time (30sec – 1 min). Fast-paced activity and requires constant building.

  • Secondary objectives can be activated and defended to deal dmg to the boss. These objectives deal continuous dmg to the boss until destroyed by mobs. Can activate and defend multiple of these objectives. The more of them you defend, the more dmg you do. Rewards building good defenses with traps.



  • Players can only bring limited resources, so farming mats quickly during the boss fight is essential. A fraction of the mats being farmed by a player gets distributed automatically to the rest of the players.

  • Boss can generate mats. For example, boss can hurl stone pillars, throw tree trunks, summon magma which cools into stone, etc… (can be implemented later since it would take time to develop)


  • Shoots boss with weapons

  • Shoots mobs to help protect objectives


  • Boss has weak points that take additional dmg from melee weapons (can be implemented later since it would take time to develop)

  • Can clear mobs quickly to help protect objectives

  • Certain objectives can be hard to reach and defend because they are located in high areas. Using a class with higher mobility would be beneficial.


We're still waiting for new biomes and a completed story, and designing a raid would cut into that development time. However, a watered-down, test version could be implemented more quickly (say for a future event):

  • Make the boss a generic husk that is 5-10x the normal size.

  • Defense objectives can be carbon copies of current ATLAS/RtD missions

  • Get player feedback early and determine whether it's worth spending more time to develop a better/permanent version.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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