My idea for an expert mode

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - My idea for an expert mode

"The game is really easy, just grindy" – some people

Well, complain no more as I have some ideas for an expert mode! Completely fanmade

Patch x.0.0 – Expert Mode


Introducing, Expert mode!

-Requires PL100 for access, a different save will be made and you will be able to keep your previous playthrough.

Double the Loot! Double the difficulty!

-Double the loot, farm faster!

-Double XP for heroes, schematics and survivors.

-Increased amount of XP received for Schematic and Hero for late game.

-Husks have double their health and double their attack damage

-Advanced AI for Mist Monsters. Will always target players and structures!

Brand new husks, Brand new gameplay!

-Introducing, the Elon Husk! (From a redditor that suggested this)

-Will disable ALL traps in a 2×1 zone except for spikes.

-Will be walking with a herd of husk so think strategically on eliminating it!

-New Mist monster! The black mist!

-Sucks the health off of players and encases them in a Thick black mist.


-Applies corrosion to metal and erodes brick.

-Infects local husks to carry the effects of itself

New Modes!

-Invade the encapments

-Travel inside the encapments and destroy husk infestations inside.

-Destroy Shadow stones to weaken all husks by 5% for the duration of the mission (Only 4 per mission)

-Just farm

-Its what sounds like, just farm!

-Completely optional mission that still grants rewards

-Only grants a third of the rewards from regular missions.

Mythic Schematics! Exclusive heroes!

-New schematics that have special abilities! Stay tuned for more info!

-New heroes? Exclusive? Overpowered? More info coming soon!

QoL adjustments

-Made Herbs 2x as common! (hooray!)

-Made Ninjas have 50% more health and 50% more damage resistance to melee attacks!

-Outlander Fragments spawn 3x as much!

-Soldier AR bonus bumped 20% more

-Guaranteed epic or higher caches on higher PL missions

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