My idea for the end of the game

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - My idea for the end of the game

My idea for an ending for this game

I would want it to be a final 3 missions in twine peaks.

Dialogue: Ray: heya commander, remember how we made sure we wouldn’t see the night army. Well… We’re going to see them.

Dennis: WHAT!!!!

Ray: calm down, the commander can handle this just like the storm king. Right commander?

Survivor: a little help here, we got husk, and mist monsters, and trolls!!

Ray: oh no.

Mission 1: name: Night slayer. Public mission. husk/mist monsters will be spawning all over the map with the storm closing in in the middle, this would take place in a city. The minimum eliminations is 300. After mission is won, the next happens!

Dialogue: Ray: that was close commander, but hey we won the impossible!!

Lars: yeah but, we got others coming, Ray: what?? THE storm: (crackles lightening loudly) Ray: Commander!! I remember something!! Dennis and Lars: speak!!! Ray:We have the ultimate weapon for the storm in the basement!! Lars: we had the ultimate weapon to destroy the storm IN OUR BASEMENT!!! Ray: oops, commander can you find, some blueglo while I speak with Lars.

Mission 2. Name: where’s the bluglo. private mission. You spawn at the middle of the map in a city, searching for blueglo, there’s none around so you start searching for 1 minute, then the all the lights in the city go dark. A peice of bluglo lights up the area and you try to collect it, a troll takes it, then the storm king appears before you and grabs you, as he’s holding you, he speaks telepathically about his goal in a distorted voice in these quotes,

“Vinderman has tried, and failed, Kevin, my brother has tried and failed, both have sacrificed their life to stop me, and you shall fall like them to”

he lets go of you and disappears, as this happens you hear him mutter, “Homebase has lost.”

Dialogue (Door slams) Ray: oh hey commander your back, me and Lars we’re discussing.. you ok commander??

(You tell them what you saw and heard)

Ray: Lars get everyone ready in the next 30 minutes we got a storm to destroy, For HOMEBASE, FOR VINDERMAN, FOR KEVIN,.. I don’t know who Kevin is, FOR EVERYONE


(Everyone yells) FOR HOMEBASE

Ray: Commander, if we win, this will eradicate the whole storm, so for this mission do your absolute best commander!!

Mission 3: name: The Finale Battle. Private mission. You spawn in a suburban location, with a castle made out of Max tier metal in front of you already filled with traps, made just for this moment by Kyle and Penny, and there’s every hero as defenders located all across the castle. In the very middle of the castle, you place a atlas that looks not like the others. Right before you defend Ray says to you. “Commander let’s do this.” Ray spawns in front of the castle wielding lefty and righty. The battle begins, after 5 waves of intense fighting, no more husk spawn, In front of the castle the storm king appears just a few buildings away, from it. He fires his lazar from his mouth to destroy the ultimate weapon, but right before he hits the castle, the atlas fires, and the atlas’s laser launches, it goes through the sky and hits the storm king, right on his forehead, the storm king is obliterated, and the storm fades away.

Dialogue: Ray: WE DID IT. (Everyone cheers) Ray: commander we should be rebuilding our homes huh, Dennis: yeah we should, In cutscenes you see the very world rebuild, and all the heros live their everyday lives, and homebase becomes a national defense force for rifts that may bring back the storm. Or for the hero’s to take down any remaining husk or mist monsters roaming around yet you still feel the presence of the storm king plotting, but you remember, Homebase is ready. you go back to the game, and you are rewarded Ray as a back king pet and Ray as a hero which you can customize it’s perks and hero abilities to any abilities that’s in the game. You are also rewarded with a Ray skin for BR. Both her and skin, are build as not the floating robot, but the pet is.

for the skin Ray has a new robot body with her head on the top.

For the hero, she can go to her new body or she can float around.

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