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I mean the global chat has such a huge potential to be useful and helpful. I really don't mind people looking for trades but the the spammer bots who offer boosting services and other RW trading have to go!

So, here are a couple of really easy and simple fixes that I thought of and I am sure a lot of you have as well.

  • Moderation blocklist Simple as that. Just make a list of words that are black listed. In this case these words would be websites. So the typed text would not show up at all because a website was included or the website part would not show up or would show star symbols. There would still be easy workarounds from the spammer side but at least it would block some of the spam.

  • Playtime needed for global chat Either way certain amount of playtime or home base power is needed to unlock the global chat. Once again the spammers would have a workaround for this but it would help a bit.

  • Split chat Instead of having one chat with 15 people where half of them are bots increase the amount of people and have multiple groups of chats to chose from like: General ; L4G ; Trading etc.

  • Chat report system Some moderation in chat is needed but I understand that hiring moderators for that is a complete waste of EPIC's resources. So why not let the community be in control? Many reports = TIMEOUT from the global chat ; Many Timeout's = BAN from the global chat. This would actually need a good algorithm to work probeply and not give out false chat bans. Something like people with higher homebase power and more time played would influence the timeout/ban more than someone who has just created account.

So what I am trying to say is – make the global chat a luxury to have not something we turn off in options and avoid completely.

I know that with everything that is currently going on in the game this is least of the problem but I hope that EPIC can take some ideas from this post and work towards MAKE THE GLOBAL CHAT GREAT AGAIN!


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