My list of things Epic need to improve on. Take notes, Mr. Sweeney!!

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - My list of things Epic need to improve on. Take notes, Mr. Sweeney!!

– Massive bugs and glitches not being fixed for weeks, when in games like Destiny they'll get fixed on the next/same day. This isn't too big of an issue, but more communication about it would be great (will mention this later too)

– Abandoning STW when it's clearly unfinished, and lied about making it free.

– Abandoned the original concept of the game, and is now just oversatured with advertisment over advertisment, the whole game is a ploy to make money at this point. (not pointing any fingers, but Tencen–)

– Not listening to community feedback, and when you do, it's either misinterpreted or the straight up opposite.

– Not giving enough back to the community, Epic has took billions out of their playerbases pockets, for BR cosmetics and STW founders packs, in return for this what do we get? Lies on lies. And "new" stuff, either recycled stuff or a straight up advertisement.

– Even though it's cool, every update is Marvel-related in BR, which is just Epic advertising for Marvel, and therefore trying to make more money. And in STW, 90% of the time, the update is NOTHING, not even a decent bug fix. And they expect us to believe they still care. ( i know u devs and voice actors and community managers care so im not talking about u guys <3 )

– Give your employees more FREEDOM!!!

– The devs don't have enough freedom. Imagine what could come out of the game if you gave THEM more creative freedom, gave them a voice in what happens to the game, let them give you suggestions, show you presentations, the game would be in a MUCH better place, knowing how skilled these guys are, and how many ideas your devs must have that are left unheard.


– Give the voice actors a VOICE. I understand NDAs, but it almost seems like the voice actors in Fortnite STW and BR avoid talking about Fortnite, and it hurts me to see that even someone so dedicated can't talk about such an amazing project/game they're working on.

– Don't restrict what your community managers can/can't do as much as you do. Everyone who's worked for the Fortnite twitter handle, did community support for reddit and such, all have one thing in common: they never give us information that would help us as a playerbase, only the info that Epic approves. And that's not their fault, or their choice. Epic is too restrictive. In Destiny 2, for example, if you ask "When's the next patch?" or "How long until this bug gets fixed?", I can assure you the Community managers can and will give you them details. But noooo, Epic Games can't allow that, of course not.

– and let Donald Mustard livestream with his own brother goddamn it!!

So they're my tips to the higher-ups at Epic, even though they'll never see it 😀

not gonna write no more since this will be left unheard, so yeah…

thanks for reading 🙂

one last tip; please just leave tencent Epic, ignore the fact they have majority ownership in your company, and work something out. get. a. lawyer. trust me on this one. ok?

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