My opinion on SSDs (heavily opinionated)

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - My opinion on SSDs (heavily opinionated)

I hate them. Somewhat ironic seeing as I have a constructor as my user flair, but I digress.

I have a short list of some of the things I hate about SSDs

  • Trying to guess what the AI is going to do. This is more minor though, but it still can be annoying when a bunch of husks are suddenly attacking a wall for no reason (this point will come up later).
  • They're resource-draining and farming is super-annoying because of how tedious it is and the frustrating stuff within farming like random husks spawning out of nowhere and completely ruining your vibe.
  • Fuck smashers. They'll just randomly start smashing/charging a wall right next to them in the middle of a trap tunnel. For no reason. That relates to the first point, which I feel is quite applicable to smashers.
  • Fuck lobbers and flingers. The solution is simple and quite easy, which is why I don't consider this a major issue. The solution is simple, doesn't mean it reduces how annoying they are anyways.
  • The way they affect progression. It's fine to have to do them to increase the play area and give other stuff like survivor squad slots, but what if you have everything you need? There really isn't much point in doing them afterwards, besides from V-Bucks, but even then it's not reliable seeing as you can't go back to older SSDs. It's a one-time gain.

I'm trying to do Twine Peaks SSD 4 currently, which is much more difficult than I realise. Although I'm PL 110 and the husks are only 94 (I know someone is going to say 'git gud' but hear me out), it's still a pain in the backside to deal with it. My current strategy is:

  1. Go into the SS.
  2. Make some changes like adding walls, defender posts or putting in trap tunnels to trap up later (or just trapping them up straight away).
  3. Go out of the SS so it saves.
  4. Go back into the SS.
  5. Start the SSD and watch how all the husks go through the tunnel. I need to remember what the husks are doing, where they're going, how they're interacting with my structures, etc. This is for if I want to use the same defences for later SSDs, so it's good to make sure they work properly.
  6. Something fucks up, e.g. a smasher destroys my wall or husks end up going a completely different direction then what I wanted them to go.
  7. Quickly leave and repeat the process.

This is really long and unnecessary, but it's the only way I can make sure that everything works. Currently, I'm trying to work on my 4th amplifier (the one amp place that's in the hole. It has terrible terrain that makes it much more difficult to work with) and surprisingly enough, this process is actually working. The main issue is just resources for traps and trying to make sure smashers don't start randomly charging within my trap tunnels.

Sorry about the length but I had to get it out because this was really doing my head in. But don't take this the wrong way, I don't think SSDs are bad or it's the game's fault. In fact for the most part, SSDs are quite good and are a perfect summation of what Save the World is about. I just personally felt they were irritating and tedious and honestly, I was hoping to maybe get some tips or tricks from the subreddit to make these more bearable.

I hope you understand my viewpoint and that this is all my opinion, so feel free to say whatever.

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