My opinions on Fortnite “meta”

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. So many people are talking about "meta" nowadays that I just felt the need to step forth and voice my opinions on it. However, I couldn't think of a good way to actually write this out so I decided to go with a Q&A format and hopefully it covers the subject at hand adequately.

1. Does a "META" exist?

Yes it definitely does. Just looking at the most recent event, farming survive the storm with Constructors is the most efficient method, far more than if you ran a group without any Constructors. You use a lot less resources and pay a lot less attention while getting the same amount of work done. I could give a lot more examples on this like how you can farm encampments easier with a Dragon Scorch but the idea is that there is always a more efficient, more optimal way to achieving something no matter how much you argue that the difference can sometimes be not as substantial.

2. Can you have fun without following the "META"?

Definitely yes. In fact for many people, deviating from the "META" offers them a more unique experience for the game, be it encouraging more active gameplay or simply that bit more of a challenge to entertain you in this mindless grind. This also often offers more diversity in playstyles which helps keep the game fresh and prevents burn out.

3. Then is following the "META" not fun?

Definitely not. Many others, myself included, have fun when we are efficient with the game. Thinking of ways to optimize the farm, the grind and just the gameplay in general is part of the "fun" experience for us. While sitting on a box repairing walls for an hour may seem dull to some, it is proof that the strategies we come up with works and that's really exciting.

4. Is everything viable?

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To a large extent yes and in the context of this post, entirely true. Given the amount of posts out there of people talking about how they made it through 3/4 of the game or even finished Twine playing whatever they want, there is no doubt that everything in this game is viable. In fact, it is why I feel Fortnite's design is brilliant


5. How can a "META" exist when everything is viable?

This is a very common comparison people make nowadays. Fact is, "META" and "viable" are very different concepts. I can solo a PL 100 RtD mission on Pathfinder Jess by dumping half an inventory full of traps (exaggeration I know) or I could hop on my Hotfixer, build a box around the objective and just cheese the mission by out-repairing the husks' damage. The later is clearly more efficient since I hardly use any resources at all and arrive at the exact same results as the former

6. Does "good" necessarily have to be "META"?

While not necessarily, it is usually inclined towards the meta choices. I mean if someone asks you if a PC is good for playing Fortnite, you don't want it to just hit the minimum requirements and be able to run the game. Ideally, you want it to run Fortnite smoothly with consistent frame rates and little to no stuttering. Maybe even achieving that on the highest graphic settings. The later scenario is a perfect example of "good" not being merely "viable" but rather something beyond, something better

All in all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to following the "meta" and whether or not to follow it in the first place is a personal preference. As such, we shouldn't impose the "meta" on other players and likewise others shouldn't dissuade the "meta" just because they feel it is dull, boring and unnecessary. That said, it is undeniable that a "meta" does in fact exist whether or not people want it to.

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TL;DR Fun is subjective and we shouldn't impose our idea of fun on others. However, "good" can be objective and thus should go beyond simply "viable" given the context and objective.

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