My personal thoughts on coming back to Save the World after 5 months of not playing.

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When Fortnite came out, I was genuinely impressed with what the team had accomplished. The writing was funny, the building was intuitive, and there were giant environments to explore.

Then I began to see the glaring flaws, and despite how much I wanted to keep playing, the introduction of BR mode and lack of Quality of Life improvements made me say enough was enough.

Still, I checked in every couple of weeks to see what the updates looked like, but each one made me more disappointed. All the while, the Battle Royale mode kept making headlines and I just got more upset. I couldn't play BR because, in my eyes, it was responsible for StW being ignored by both players and the developers.

But, eventually I gave in two weeks ago and played Battle Royale, and frankly, it's amazing. And within a few days, I was back in Save the World trying to farm V-Bucks to buy the battle pass. It was like seeing an Ex again; all it's flaws seemed insignificant and I could only think about what I'd loved.

Following the metaphor, though, the Rose-Tinted glasses wore off over the next week as I've worked through my daily quests. Still, there were definitely some great changes made that I cannot take for granted.


  • Freaking Hoverboards. Oh my god those are great.

  • Sprinting no longer using stamina.

  • The seasonal quests are funny as hell. And I never had to go significantly out of my way to get them done, which was important.

  • Free stuff was just thrown at me with those quests. I nearly doubled my amount of useful legendaries within a week compared to the first four months I'd played.

  • The item shop is cool. Seems super grindy, but it's better than nothing.

  • Fun game is still mostly fun.


  • It seemed like Outlanders are still trash in 99% of situations. Why does teddy still require resources while being objectively way worse than any Soldier or Ninja ability?

  • Things cost too much resources after Plank. From making guns to building defenses, I shouldn't need to farm for half an hour or more after every other mission.

  • Melee weapons (outside of swords on ninjas) are still too clunky to use most of the time. Just make them better. Bees, Lobbers, and LaserEyesGuys will keep them in check.

  • People have been complaining about Canny/Twine since release, and as far as I can tell, there hasn't been a single thing added. I get that events are fun for all levels, but are Canny and Twine ever going to be finished?

  • Wow, lots and lots of bad weapon perks.

  • Couldn't find people to help with my high level Storm Shield Defense missions, poured a ton of XP into leveling legendary and epic defenders, they die within 30 seconds. They NEED to be buffed or just removed.

  • Crouch to improve aim like BR pls.

  • Just a personal experience, out of 100+ hours of playing combined, I still don't have any decent traps. But if I did, they'd probably require way too many resources fully leveled.

  • Would be cool if Storm Shield Defense areas required no resources to build. IMO they're the closest thing we have to a building sandbox in game.

  • Not the Save the World team's fault, but BR and StW sharing keybindings is really really really dumb.

Regardless of everything, it is clear that the team is getting more comfortable with communicating and that they're trying it fix what they can. Despite all of it's flaws, they did already provide me with over a hundred hours of enjoyment, which is more than can be said than with most games. If anyone at Epic has the chance to read this, I just wanted to say thank you.

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