My problems with STW

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - My problems with STW

I've always sort of had a love/hate relationship so recently I took the time to think about the things I either didn't like or think could be better.

  1. The Story The problem is that the game has to tell you everything instead of showing you things (this obviously breaks the number 1 rule of story-telling). The main reason this problem exists is because the story is progressed through fetch quests. My solution would be to balance out the fetch quests with busy work (for diversity) and Story Missions. Originally I didn't like the idea of Story Missions because I didn't think it fit with the building mechanic but after playing Dungeons a lot I think they could work. Epic said L4D was an inspiration for STW so maybe the missions could play out mostly like L4D, but maybe we could have a boss/mini-boss at the end of every mission.

Another problem is the writing. My main problem is with the Storm King. He feels a lot more like an obstacle than a villain. Also the structure and tone are a bit off to me. My solution would be to introduce the Storm King in Stonewood. He'd talk mad shit and taunt you a lot. Stonewood would pretty much just be the introduction to the game not too much story here. In Plankerton the main story would keep progressing but we would also be introduced to Dr. Vinderman and Desiree who would survive the story instead of dying. Canny Valley would introduce us to Steel Wool who would slowly turn into one of our main allies. Twine Peaks would be the prep for the final fight against the Storm King. At this point, he'd still taunt you but he'd also clearly have some level of respect for you.

  1. Repetitiveness/Boredom Imo, most of the main mission types (Fight the Storm, Retrieve the Data, Ride the Lightning) feel so similar and also take WAY too long considering you're mowing down mindless enemies that don't challenge you too much. The enemies that can be difficult don't spawn very often (besides lobbers and propane huskies). My solution would be to add more to the missions than just sit here and defend this for like 10 minutes and also add more diverse enemy types.

  2. Weapons and Heroes First off (this may be an unpopular opinion) I really don't like that weapons break. That sort of thing works in a survival game but STW feels more like a looter shooter. My problem with heroes is the lack of diverse play styles. Every class uses the same pool of abilities and to me that gets boring. Now I don't Epic to give every hero a unique kit because that's almost impossible but at least give the Mythic heroes unique abilities. Also quick thing about the collection book. Instead of slotting a hero or item to put them into the collection book, just have them get put in as soon as we unlock them. Also, reduce the cost of purchasing heroes you've unlocked maybe?

This post is already pretty long so I'll just leave it here. I'll post some other ideas later.

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