My RTD open jail stall variant.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - My RTD open jail stall variant.

Here is a quick guide on how I do my RTD missions using the open jail (staggered wall lights) build. It has got to this point after months of running missions using the staggered wall light principle. I have decided to share it given carlo1231's great great video a few days ago. For me this is the most stable way to build it, especially when not playing as a constructor. My wall lights are god-rolled 2x Reload, 3x Durability, Effect Duration. The following are screenshots of my first run at today's 124 RTD mission playing as a Ninja.

First two screenshots (below) show the basic build. Normally I build the wood parts flat outwards from jail but when terrain does not allow it (like here) I will ramp up as needed. It is good to have your AFK position two tiles out from open jail on opposite side of objective. The reason for this is keeping assassin husks from beating walls around objective when there is no B.A.S.E. If the spawns are not favorable you can also put your AFK position a couple of tiles to the left or right which will help guide husks when pathing is not great. As example, that could be below where the second screenshot is taken if I needed to do that.

When starting the mission follow this order.

– Place first wall light (no preference on what side of jail, I prefer the right side).

– Start mission.

– Jump to half floor edge above open jail (can use Guardian's Will if not Ninja).

– Shoot down balloon.

– Place wood floor over objective and place B.A.S.E. on top of it (if using one).


– Place second wall light (like screen shot below). Must be staggered correctly from first! Place it about 2 seconds after you see the first flash from other light on opposite wall.

Next edit half floor back to full floor and move to AFK position until husks are in open jail. If needed pull up the map to see how things are progressing.

If your not using a B.A.S.E. you can keep an eye on wall health by smashing wood above jail to make it transparent and also edit corners to heal open jail walls under as needed.

Relax for the rest of the mission or go off farming.

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