My STW 2019 Wishlist :)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - My STW 2019 Wishlist :)

The release of 6.30 was the first time during 2018 i could say with confidence “STW has a bright future” and the subsequent updates reinforced that statement. Although It seems epic still has a few tricks up their sleeves with the last few weeks of 2018, i just have a tiny 2019 Wishlist.

  1. The completion of Plankerton Out of the three regions with completed stories, Plankerton feels the most incomplete; story and gameplay wise I would love to see biomes like the swamp biome (seen in the SSD) and Plank harbour finished before release. I would also like to see some story elements tweaked. “The battle of Plank harbour” mission looks to be incomplete due to a lack of an actual “Plank harbour” biome, it sounds odd to hear that you’ve just liberated plank harbour when all you did was complete 3 atlas missions.

  2. New mission types/ tweaked existing missions It has been discussed to death, but even if we do get an offensive type mission in the future, i would still like mission like “Ride the lightning” to be redesigned to be more defined, unique and engaging. However, i would still love new missions (not reused secondary objectives and story restricted missions) i’d be happy with anything, even if it was just a resource harvesting mission where you defend a machine that harvests minerals for you.

  3. New core content We have had one new ability for each class this year and there is currently no way to get any of them normally. We NEED new heroes with “Lefty righty” “seismic slam” “kunai storm” and “R.O.S.I.E”. But i’m not just talking new heroes, we need new gadgets, vehicles (Jetpack please), traps and weapon types (not just assault rifles). I’ve been very happy with the new content in the weekly store we got almost every week, but i’m hoping with 2019 we’ll be getting more than just guns.

  4. A change in world generation I love the atmosphere in this game, especially in later areas like ghost town. But i’ve always hated how the worlds were generated on floating islands. I might be alone with this, but can Epic please make the playable area be on the same level as the backgrounds/ skyboxes. They could easily add something like a storm barrier forms when you get too close and it pushes you back, this could also tie into the damaging storm that surrounds the objective (I’m also just sick of falling off the map). Can we also have bigger maps that blend biomes together instead of small maps with one biome, this would allow for bigger set-pieces and objectives and also allow STW world generation to look a lot more interesting.

  5. Weather/ natural events Imagine seeing a tornado ripping through buildings in ghost town, or a wild fire burning through a forest. They would look really cool in my opinion, the redesigned lighting effects were a step in the right direction.

  6. A Ninja Rework Ninjas can be kinda useless late game, with their only positive being they’re fun to play. I think it would be cool if they redesigned the ninja so they focus more movement without the risk of draining all your stamina. Imaging if ninja’s could wall jump, grab ledges, lung great distances or wall run. I think that would be amazing.

  7. New secondary objectives and building features Seeing as Bluglo siphons were removed as a secondary objective, i think it is fitting to have a new secondary objective. And i’d love something like tier 4 buildings.

  8. Actual side quests I’d love it if there were story side quests that gave you worth while rewards. As an example, imagine a drastically shortened version of the blockbuster event that only features the spitfire story arc, this could give newer players a chance to get heroes like cobalt commando carbide. I even if they don’t do it with old events, i think they should do it with the core mythic heroes as an easy way for newer players to get some of the best heroes in the game. (Except Phase scout, please change phase scout epic please she is actually useless compared to other outlanders)

I can’t believe we are already hitting year 3 of Fortnite, although most of 2018 was fairly bleak for STW. It looks like the game is going to have a bright future.

To another year of Storm fighting fun 😀

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