My STW experience…

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I bought the game back in December of 2017, and originally thought it was just a v-buck farm. I played a few missions now and again, and did some daily quests here and there for the v-bucks, not much more. Due to the lack of tutorial, I struggled to understand the complexities of the game (survivor squads, research/skill trees, perks e.t.c) and decided to just leave it alone and only do the daily logins and just play BR.

About a month ago some of the "scammer gets scammed/ trading" videos found their way into my youtube recommended box and they intrigued me. They were entertaining so I decided to keep watching and as I did I thought I was missing out on all the fun. I started to spend more time on STW and BR started to take a backseat. I would spend entire days in global chat looking for people to trade with, (as that was all I thought the game was) and almost every time I would get "scammed".


After about 2 weeks of this, I was only half-way through Stonewood and at PL 9. It was at this point that I realised I was scamming myself out of my time and that I was sitting their with an inventory full of guns that are useless to me. I began to research more about the game and discovered youtubers such as David Dean and Aidan Harris (big shoutout btw). 2 weeks have past, and I now fully understand most aspects of the game, including survivor squads, I have gone from PL 9 to hitting PL 40 today, and am now 2 missions away from reaching Canny Valley. I am enjoying myself now more than I ever did in a "sweaty scam-box" and can craft all my own guns and traps.

If anyone is reading this and is in the same "trading" phase as I once was, one thing I will say is just take the time to learn the game and you will have so much more fun. Become independent by leveling your schematics and heroes rather than depending on others to get guns that are way over your PL.

Sorry for the long post just wanted to get this out there 🙂

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