My STW story.

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A few weeks ago, I was apprehensive to buy STW. I thought it was a complete waste of money. I was content with playing BR and BR only. My friend Darius told me how by playing STW you can get V-Bucks, and this got me interested. I purchased the deluxe version, and started it up. Immediately, I was enveloped in the story. RaY's personality seemed so real, and while the story isn't the pride and joy of STW, I could feel the effort put into the game by the devs. I eventually forgot all about the V-Bucks aspect, and in fact even started buying Upgrade Llamas instead of cosmetics in BR. Every legendary schematic seemed like a huge victory. Along the way, a very nice guy gave me a few weapons that really helped me out. 106 Siegebreakers and 82 Grave Diggers were not all that common in low level Stonewood. I eventually succumbed to trading, and both learned my lesson by getting scammed for my Grave Digger, but also met some great people, who were interested in legitimately trading. Soon enough, I found myself at the end of Stonewood. This was the point that my 3 closest friends decided to get it as well. I told them that the V-Bucks are nice, but sooner or later they will find that the game itself isn't just a tool, but is an enjoyable and enveloping experience. Fast forward to today. Me and my friends are playing STW as I write this, and we all love the game. My schematics are decent, and I have guns that I like using, like the Super Shredder, Siegebreaker, and Argon Assault Rifle. The final monent that made me realize that I enjoy this more than BR was opening a Birthday Llama, and getting Skull Trooper Jonesy. Finally getting Skull Trooper Jonesy was a moment I may not forget for a long time. I want to say thank you to everyone in this community who plays fairly, and enjoys it. For every "trade my hb say 123" in the chat, there's probably a person who just wants to have a good time playing this masterpiece of a game. The good apples in this community are the reason I try to give back to people who may need it, and the reason I always say good night and provide what little knowledge I have to the chat.


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