My theory about Fortnite, and how STW and BR are connected

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - My theory about Fortnite, and how STW and BR are connected

Basically, let's start at the beginning. When the storm first took over in fortnite, almost all of the worlds population vanished.

Not died.


So, you are probably wondering, where did the worlds population go? It couldn't have just disappeared.

Thats where the theory begins.

My theory is that, the rest of the worlds population became the husks. If you look carefully at the husks, you can see flaps of human heads hanging off the back of their neck. When the storm hit, the storm possessed most of the worlds population, making them lose themselves, and them becoming completely mindless versions of themselves. This, is done by the storm king, who can access peoples thoughts, which lars confirmed for us, way back in stonewood when Dennis first discovered the storm king. Lars claimed they could both hear each others thoughts. The storm king, when he released the storm, used this power to a greater level to possess most of the worlds population.

The key word being most.

You see, the storm king failed to possess EVERYONE. Certain people with VERY strong minds, such as the commander, (You), Ramirez, the steel wool band, and all the survivors scattered around the world weren't possessed. Robots, not having brains, are immune to being possessed, which explains why there are so many robots at Homebase. (Ray, Lok, Pop, See-Bots, Med-Bots, Hover Turrets, T.E.D.D.Y.'s). But robots aren't completely immune. If a robot gets REALLY close to the storm king, then the storm king can possess them, which explains how Pop was possessed during a period of time in Plankerton.

Another thing about the husks is the type of husk depends on the type of person they once were.

Normal Husks/Huskys are just regular people.

The tiny, leaping husks (Forgot the name) were children.

Pitchers are professional baseball players.

Beehives are regular husks who managed to use the storm kings power to possess the bees inside the hive and use them to do their bidding.

Lobbers are rich women/female celebrities.

Riot Huskys are police officers.

Propane Huskys are Criminals.

Gunslingers are… well, gunslingers.

Mist Monsters are mutated versions of the other husks.

If a husk was closer to the storm king when he possessed the world, they became a stronger variant of that husk. (Higher PL) Using "housing devices" for the husks, (The purple pillars that show what direction attacks are coming from) the storm king can save stronger husks for later. (Which is why husks get increasingly stronger as you progress.)

Homebase managed to harvest some of the storm kings possession powers and modify it, so you can control heroes in-game. Remember the binoculars you put on in the first cutscene of the game? That's what I'm talking about.

Eventually, you progress to the point where you battle the storm king. When he is defeated, out of desperation, he sent a messenger forward in time to the future.

That future, is fortnites battle royale mode, and the messenger is the Visitor.


Before I launch into the next part, let me explain what BR really is.

You see, in the future, Homebase had managed to defeat and "capture" the storm. They then used Vindertechs technology, to control the storm, and use it for friendly battle royale matches. When you die in BR, you don't actually die, and the bullets aren't real. This explains why a drone picks you up when you die in BR. It's just a friendly tournament the world holds. Certain heroes that originally fought the storm also participate in this. (AKA all the hand-me-downs we get from BR.) When this "game" was made, it was considered illegal to use your abilities in-game, all heroes were stripped of their survivor squads. The rules constantly change, which explains vaulting and new guns being added. Characters like Ray, The Director, and Lars have all retired and led their own separate lives.

So anyway, once the storm king launched the Visitor into the future via the meteor that hit in Season 4, the Visitor activated the rocket, and launched, creating the crack in the sky, which is a gigantic time rift back to the time period of STW. The visitor had finished his duty, and left through the crack in the sky. The Visitors main goal was to create the crack in the sky. However, the Visitors rift was too strong, causing it to collide with the REAL world as well, as well as completely replace parts of the land, and make smaller rifts appear constantly. Eventually, the storm king used the crack in the sky to transport an "Egg" to the future.

That "Egg" was the cube. This explains why the storm lightning in STW has the same particles as the cube – They are related.

Basically, there was a being inside the cube (AKA the butterfly in the cube event) that was planning to emerge from the cube and bring back the storm. The cube moved around, searching for a place to hatch, and eventually went into loot lake, where it absorbed power from the center of loot lake. Eventually, the cube became so strong it began summoning new, improved husks (Who we know as the cube monsters) However, people participating in the Battle Royale matches began killing the new husks, weakening the cube. The cube's power began to melt off of it, till it was so weak that it exploded. The being inside the cube (The butterfly) came out of the cube, and left, leaving the shattered remains of the cube in the center of loot lake. The butterfly disappeared, and we thought that was the end of it.

Eventually, season 7 came, and the butterfly possessed the ice king, and started the ice storm event as another attempt to bring back the storm. The players did the same thing as before, which was to kill the husks when they got in their way. This caused the ice husks to stop spawning, and for the map to melt. As for what happened to the butterfly, we will have to wait and see…

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