My thoughts on the new AFK system (part 2 of 2)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - My thoughts on the new AFK system (part 2 of 2)

Following on from my AFK venn diagram here:

So Season 11/Chapter 2 Season 1 is in, and whatever other views you might have on the game’s latest update, the interesting news is that there is now an AFK system, and that AFK system has been publicly announced by Epic.

The current system seems to be:

  • If you are idle for more than 4 minutes you get kicked from the game for AFK. Update: Magyst has confirmed in a comment to another thread that you won't get kicked in a private match.
  • If you do not participate fully in the game you get reduced rewards.

    • These seem to range from virtually no rewards at all, e.g. 15 gold in a 140 4x mission, to no mission reward, to around 70% of the full chest reward.
    • It is as yet unclear what the game is counting as ‘participation’ (give it a week and some smart statistics guru with too much time on their hands will have worked it out). Perhaps 500 is the magic number, perhaps it’s a total of your scores across the 3 scored areas, perhaps its proximity to the objective during the combat time, perhaps they consider other contributions like exploring the zone and rescuing survivors, perhaps none of those things!
    • From my own personal experience, I got full rewards in all the missions I ran yesterday. One was a Build the Radar, with a small amount of combat (less than 500), medium amount of building, and medium utility (I was solo, I built 3 grids and then farmed). The others were the 140 4x rain, which I ran with a jail build. So small amount of combat (less than 500), large building (1500+ score), small utility.

Let’s be honest, there are clear limitations to this system. It is also a system that is in direct opposition to the current playerbase’s preferred style of gameplay (for some, actual AFK/leeching, and for some, drawing on particular game mechanics so that they can AFK using things like jail builds and still get rewards).

So, here are my thoughts, and I’d be interested to know whether you agree or disagree.

  1. Something is better than nothing – right? I have carried random people through too many missions in public games. I know people always say leave those kinds of missions, but sometimes you have built and trapped by the time you realise, and don’t want to waste resources. Now at least when I see their pitiful scores I know I’ll be getting way more rewards than them. And it should get rid of the 0, 0, 0 scores pretty fast.
  2. They actually told us they are doing it, which again, I see as a good thing. Epic is not known for their stellar communication around aspects of the game, so it is positive to see them announce something like this as they introduce it, rather than keeping us guessing and waiting.
  3. Overall, I think it will increase the amount of contributions to the mission. Yes, it’s possible to game the scores (see my diagram in my other post here), and some people will definitely do that, but I think the easiest way to make sure you get the rewards is to make sure you are making certain types of useful contributions. I’m also hoping it will increase the amount of damage-focused heroes being run in missions.
  4. It definitely does discourage farming during the mission. This is the one thing that, on its own, is guaranteed not to bring rewards.
  5. It will not necessarily increase the quality of mission contributions. I fear, particularly with players who do not bother to read up on game mechanics, that we’ll just see a lot of useless spam building and spam trapping, without much considered thought to what they’re doing. We might also see more trap poaching, or perhaps even more malicious behaviours to reduce teammates’ scores (e.g. blowing up their trap tunnels by placing TEDDY or grenades).
  6. There are many contributions that do not seem to be rewarded in the new system. E.g. exploring the zone, dropping materials for team-mates, bringing a team-focused hero or defence-focused constructor or gadget, clearing propane and ammo in endurance runs, etc.
  7. It does not take into account the way that friends play the game together. Often when I play with friends, we go in private and one of us take’s the lion’s share of the work. Then the next game, or the next day, the other one will. We share mats and weapons with each other. E.g. if a friend is doing a tonne of trapping, I’ll drop them a stack of planks and herbs. Similarly, some of my friends have alt accounts that they bring along, who AFK the mission with us. That is pre-agreed between us, we are all happy with it, and we play in private. These changes basically nerf the use of AFK alts in this way.
  8. It changes the way we play endurance. When I invite people into my endurance game, it is not to fight. My base is well trapped, and I don’t want people destroying husk pathing. In all honesty, I’d prefer that they sit in a little box and AFK the whole 2.5 hours. When my teammates fight and contribute in endurance then the game often crashes! Even if they do something useful like clear propane, it looks like they will not get any rewards for doing that.

    1. Top tip for getting around this: Bring a damage-focused BASE loadout like Thunder Thora, with HBK and EPP, along with Power Base, in support and place it on a frequently-used trap tunnel. The damage-focused constructors will give you a combat score, and Power Base’s wall regen will give you a building score. You can then still AFK and avoid disrupting the endurance run.

Anyway, what are your thoughts – AFK system is good, bad or ugly? And what would you recommend Epic changes to fix it?

(This article can also be found on my new StW fan/commentary site–news/)

TLDR: There are good and bad things about the new AFK system, and I have listed and discussed some of these – do you agree? 🙂 The things are also summarised on my other post with the venn diagram.

(Sorry this is a repost as it seemed the first was removed, or didn't post properly)

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