My Thoughts on the Roadmap

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - My Thoughts on the Roadmap

Let me start by saying I appreciate that we even get a Roadmap because it is certainly not required. With that said here's my thoughts on it.

New Heroes

With the current state of the game new heroes add little to the game. Sure they have new perks and it's fun to make a build around them but after a few missions then what? The game has evolved (or devolved) over the last year into a very casual experience. If the game were difficult and required min-maxing new hero perks and team perks would be more interesting.

New Weapons

Weapons fall into the same category as heroes. The problem with adding new weapons is power creep or lack thereof. If you add a new meta weapon it makes previous weapons less relevant or completely irrelevant. If you make them weaker they aren't used. Either way we have more than enough weapons at this point.

New Quest Line!

I don't know about you but I am sick of fetch quests in this game. They are tedious, detract from completing the mission objective in a timely manner and do not add any challenge to the game. Based on current trends I would surmise that the New Quest Line! will be at least 85% fetch quests. Hope I am wrong but I doubt it. The funny thing is I don't mind fetch quests in other games because they are the objective. In STW they are not and that's why they don't fit in my opinion.

New War Games Modifiers

This new game mode has been very polarizing. Either you find it too hard or too easy. The former illustrates how much the game fails to teach players the mechanics of proper trap tunnel building and the latter illustrates how easy the game will become if you learn how to.

Additionally this was meant to be the highlight of the 9.0 "season" but it has failed because of the Trap Durability and Matchmaking bugs. I finished all the boot camps the first day then do one run to get the new weekly modifier banner and tickets. Other than that you either do the AFK Husk Swarm build or don't play. We are 3 weeks into the "season" and these bugs have still not been fixed but the mode keeps getting hyped in the patch notes.

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New Trap


Finally something positive to discuss. This game was designed around building and trapping yet we have only received one new trap in the year I have been playing. This new trap will be the second. I would take 1-2 new traps each "season" instead of any new heroes or weapons or fetch quests.

New Challenge?

It was briefly mentioned in the final paragraph of the Roadmap that a new challenge that may test the strongest of players will be coming. They highlighted the wrong word in their statement. For me the key word is may. If this fails to deliver it may put a nail in the coffin for most of the max level player base. Many have quit already or cut back significantly. Most of my friends fall into one of those two categories.

What's Missing?

There was no mention of the reward scaling in Twine. It's been more than a month. How much internal discussion is needed? What do the metrics show on how populated the PL108 and up missions are after they were added compared to the PL100 and below? There's still no reason to play them and we still have no idea what the new rewards scale will look like or when it will be added.

What's in the works beyond 6/11? In my opinion this wasn't very much of a Roadmap. It covers the next month and most of it was predictable: two dino heroes, new war games modifiers, second event quest line and Blockbuster heroes returning. The only unexpected item is the new trap.

I know it was mentioned that there is a reluctance to release what's coming with dates because the dates may slip but you don't need to do that. Below is an example of what I would call a good Roadmap. It covers what was released, what is planned for the next monthly update, when the subsequent updates will be and what is being worked on for those updates but with no dates. It gives the playerbase an idea of what may come without committing to it. Also this is the pinned post at the top of the games sub reddit at all times. The May update dropped last week on Steam and will be coming to Xbox/Windows Store shortly so the roadmap should get an update soon.

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