My ‘Ultimate STW Update Wishlist’

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  • PC Victory/Defeat cutscenes on Xbox and Playstation
  • Repeatable story campaign (Play the first mission whenever you want)
  • Swamp biome in Plankerton
  • Volcano biome in Twine Peaks
  • When you are spamming 'Upgrade' for a schematic or a hero, it will upgrade faster, without a delay each time you press upgrade.
  • Select how many ammo you are going to make in the inventory, press the bullet you want to craft and it will ask how much you are going to make and the cost.

Endless Storm Shield Defense

If you complete every Storm Shield defense from a area, you'll unlock endless mode, you'll have endless waves of husks and you'll get a prize for reaching a certain wave.



Fight the Storm
  • Time reduced from 8:00 minutes to 6:30 Minutes.
  • When the timer goes to 0, players must go to the extraction zone, where they have to survive for 1:30 Minutes, the extraction zone is a 4×4 blue circle on the ground, under the timer it will show how many players are inside (If there's 4 players and 2 are inside the circle, it will display 2/4 Players. Heavy attacks from every side, players defend nothing but themselves, if a player is downed in the zone it will display as if he wans't inside. If you finish the mission inside the extraction zone and succesfuly defend yourself and others against the waves of endless husks, you'll get a medal and better loot, if every player wins inside the zone, everyone gets a better medal and loot. The enire map will have husks and even smashers during extraction time.
  • If no one is inside the zone and timer reachs 0, it's a defeat, but everyone will still get rewards for completing the main objective. At least one player must escape to everyone win.
  • A cutscene will be shown for Defeat in defending the atlas, defeat for not escaping and if a player escapes (victory) it will show Lars Van with players inside the van.
Ride the Lightning
  • Players will get more rewards if inside the van zone when the mission ends, players still get rewards if not within the van but succesfuly defend it.
Rescue the Survivors
  • If every survivor is rescued, mission ends.
  • Medkits can be taken on the map even if no survivor asked, so you can give it to a medkit asking survivor without leaving the place to get it.
Build the Radar Grid
  • Time reduced from 20:00 to 15:00.
  • When all 5 Radars are finished, mission ends.
Storm Shield Defense
  • You can instantly destroy buildings in your homebase in a option in the Storm Shield Panel, you can only activate if the defense is not active.


Currently, for Stonewood, Plankerton and Twine Peaks we have 4 regions (The Grasslands, The Suburbs, The City and The Industrial Park) while Canny Valley have 2 (Desert and Thunder Route 99) we should get some for Plankerton! (Which i think it's already done, look at Fortnitemares Event Gameplay for example).

  • The Swamp: Grasslands with a darker grass, dead trees and dark water, just like as the Plankerton Homebase, can also have abandoned farms and windmills.
  • Marshlands: Less trees but a lot of rocks, with structures made entirely of rocks, abandoned destroyed houses and more water.
  • The City: A city in a biome with dry-grass, destroyed buildings and crashed cars.
Canny Valley:
  • The Junkyard: A place with a large abandoned junkyard, piles of cars and some buildings.

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