My wishlist for the foreseeable future, coinciding with the start of the other mode’s Season 9

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - My wishlist for the foreseeable future, coinciding with the start of the other mode's Season 9

Probably nothing new, tons of downvotes, and people with other priorities… but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. PL 131 with nothing much to do, but most of these affect players from all PLs

– Mini boss alerts back to 10 per day. That's guaranteed several hours of playtime a day for a very worthy cause. As of now I play less than an hour a day because of only having 3 alerts available (I'm sure many others relate to this). This also helps the gold farming, so it's birds with one stone

– Locker. Cross buying emotes and pickaxes with the other mode. I play both and I love both, I think it's high time we got the best of both worlds. Bonus points for being able to import canny/twine pickaxes to the other mode if you got to those maps in StW. Vanity goes a long way for replayability in any game, especially in looter shooters. Never underestimate how big these things can get. This can also include the option to opt for the different styles that a hero has when leveling them up. I believe Lynx is pretty much the most blatant example of wanting a previous style but being locked away from it because you overleveled her

– Bug fixes and optimization, obviously. Folks on xbox one have been having the roughest of times for months now (perhaps over a year). I think everyone here will take it if the devs decided to invest times in updates that favor optimization rather than weapons and heroes


– A more immediate report function. Yeah banning people in chunks every few weeks or so is good, but I think there could be systems implemented that could favor players that report on the spot. Just as an example, 2 or 3 people reporting an afker should trigger a strict stealth timer on the afk dude (say, 40 seconds or a minute) for them to actually move. If it could prevent looped movements, then great

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– Legit twine storyline. I think what epic did with canny was great, and the storm king was a sick encounter (never got the pin, but it's whatever lol). I think twine could offer the possibility of us having the first raid ever on StW. This is all wishful thinking and not very feasible, but it's a good idea

– Legit lava? I see tons of people angry at the love BR is getting and it's almost ironic that we still get sega genesis-tier lava in twine while the boys over there get the full package

I don't know. I've always wanted these things and I think they add a great deal of replayability and playtime without forcing big updates or changes that take a long time and effort to develop. I know some of them are coming, but some others could really use some work. Thanks for reading

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