My Worst Fortnite Experience to date.

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In short; A guy joined the global asking for help in his Plankton SSD6, which as a PL40 player thought i'd be able to help with. I join, wait, and another 2 guys join (wont name due to witch hunting) of which one is PL5, and another is PL41. They had very similar clan-style names, so figured 'oh well, the guy's given his low level friend decent weapons to leech exp with, so he's of SOME use'.


The mission starts, and the PL41 guy is just running around doing his own thing, and we don't have permissions so it couldn't have been farming, so got kicked. Meanwhile me and the Host was working our asses off crafting ammo and trying our hardest to beat that first wave. I tell the host that unless we get perms, the mission is failed, wooden floor spikes, 2×2 metal walls, and nothing else, wouldn't cut it. We got perms. The other guy (The PL5 one.) now starts begging for free ammo, and better weapons since his weren't apparently enough. He gets a few Gravediggers to at least help us finish. Apparently he was pissed his friend got kicked, and started walling access to the last wave, blocking a good 20-30 seconds progress, and surely enough, he starts hitting the 2×2 metal walls that were the only defence. We surely lost.

Here's a screenshot of us after the mission, names will be blocked for Y'NO, witch hunting.


PS. He was most definitely was using a shotgun. A handled, double-headed, pickaxe looking shotgun.

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