Mythic Constructor idea: MULTIBASE Kyle

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(or knox, penny, whatever)

Edit: Yeah, this guy is too OP. I was going for weaker walls in large area but kinda forgot MegaBASE Kyle fills that role pretty nicely.

Description: A constructor who can hold down many locations at once with multiple BASEs.


Star Level 1 – Creative Engineering (Increases build speed by 10%, reduces building cost by 10%)

Level 1 – BASE

Level 2 – DECOY

Level 5 – Grease the Wheels (Reduce the cooldown of DECOY by 10 seconds)

Level 8 – Going and Going (DECOY lasts 2 seconds longer)

Star Level 2 – Bull Rush

Level 12 – (Up to 2 BASEs can be active at any time)

Level 15 – Electrified Floors (Enemies within the area affected by BASE take damage every 2 seconds)

Level 18 – Overclocked Traps (Decreases reload rate for all traps within the BASE range by 20%)

Star Level 3 – Kinetic Overload

Level 25 – (Up to 3 BASEs can be active at any time)


Level 30 – Lofty Architecture (Increases health of buildings within area of BASE by 15%)

Level 682 – (BASE covers the whole map)

Support Bonus (Upgrading buildings takes 30% less resources – up to 50% through levelling up)

Tactical Bonus – Phase Shield (Phase Shift forces the shield to regenerate for 2 seconds)

I think this hero would be very useful in Fight the Storm missions with multiple targets to defend, or when there are multiple trap tunnels which are spread out from each other. Additionally, all three BASEs could be placed by each other for a widely spread out defence. This is balanced by the fact that the walls won't be super strong like with Power BASE, or as offensive as Heavy BASE, but he can spread out more protection than other constructors.

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