Mythic items have no place in the game, and they will ruin it.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Mythic items have no place in the game, and they will ruin it.

We've all seen the post. Epic's saying they'll be adding more Mythic items to the game, claiming it'll "mix up the game" or something like that. I honestly have supported almost all of what Epic does, and love this game (played since Season 2), and respect them as a company and all that, but the addition of Mythic items does not make sense IMO.

*NOTE* If you already know about the stats, affects, etc. of the two Mythic items that have existed in Battle Royale, do yourself a favor and skip to What Should be Done to Prevent Mythic Items From Ruining Fortnite.

Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade is insane. I know Epic's going to nerf it, taking out building while a player has it in 7.10, but it still doesn't fit in a game like Fortnite. For those that don't know the exact stats, the Infinity Blade allows 130% mobility, has 2 attacks, one that swings the blade in a circle, dealing 75 damage to anyone inside its range, and another attack that allows the player wielding the blade to jump extremely far, launching players within its range into the air, as well as dealing 25 damage. Both attacks can be done in rapid succession. The Blade also grants the player wielding it a maximum 200 health and 200 shield, both of which can be regenerated if damage is taken, at a rate of 1 health or shield per second (doesn't work for a few seconds after getting hit or taking damage in other ways) and killing another player grants 50 health or shield, unless both are full. The player wielding the Blade can also tear through structures instantly, and can build their own (as of writing this post, it will allegedly be removed in 7.10).

It's not a balanced weapon, to say the least. However, the removal of building will make mobility items and long range weapons it's weakness more than before, so at least there's that. But what's the point of carrying balloons just because I don't want to die to a single player in my lobby? Any and all items should be used to a player's discretion, not forced upon a player because of a single item. While some players want to play a legitimate game, most others (at least 30 per game, at least in the games I've played) would rather take a shot at getting the Blade early, and instantly killing anyone and everyone within their sight. This makes it impossible to play the game as I believe Epic intends it to be played. A battle royale. Not some ridiculous luck-based system where whoever wins over a single location has an extremely high chance of winning the whole game.

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The only counters as far as I know are flying around the whole game in a plane, using balloons, boogie bombing the guy with the Blade, rocket launchers, and snipers (please let me know of any others I may have forgotten). The first two make you an easy target for other players, boogie bombs only disable the guy for 5 seconds or so, rocket launchers are extremely rare nowadays (and for good reason), and sniping a guy becomes extremely difficult when they're moving 30% faster than you're used to, and if you miss, the Blade-Wielder will most likely run at you or out of range. Basically all counters to the Infinity Blade have at least a small downside.


Whoever has the blade in a final circle has basically already won, unless the other player(s) have the only counters to the weapon. This was displayed perfectly in the Winter Royale semis the other day. Psalm (that was his name, right?) got 8 kills in a minute, which is next to impossible in a regular game, and shouldn't be possible in the pro scene.

There aren't enough downsides to using the Blade yet. The only risk needed to win a game is getting the Blade, after that, it's all holding your fire/alternate fire button.

Infinity Gauntlet

The only Mythic item to ever have existed in the Battle Royale mode (barring the Infinity Blade) is the Infinity Gauntlet. It made the user appear as Thanos, disabled building, and disabled holding anything other than the Gauntlet. The 3 things you could do with the Gauntlet were jump extremely high and far, punch a player for extremely high amounts of damage (or basically Hulk smash the ground if you were in the air, similar to the Infinity Blade's secondary attack) and fire a laser that would deal relatively low amounts of damage on contact with a player or building (19 or so), but would repeat this damage multiple times per second for a short period of time. When the player with the Gauntlet killed another player, their 200 shield would be replenished, but not their health.

Each of the Infinity Gauntlet's abilities had a very noticeable flaw, which balanced out its power. The jump took a while to charge up and could not be cancelled, a player could not move or cancel the laser until it stopped, and the punch was really short range on the ground and required extreme precision if coming down from the air. This is what should be done to any Mythic items that ever appear on the Battle Royale Scene. They should all be extremely powerful, but each one has a very large downside.

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What Should be Done to Prevent Mythic Items From Ruining Fortnite

Do what was done with the Infinity Gauntlet. Every ability that every Mythic item has or will have should have an extreme downside that makes the player actually consider picking up the item. It should be similar to picking up other items. The player's decision should (at least sometimes) reflect their situation. If they need to get out of a tight, close range fight, pick up the Infinity Blade (just as an example). Then, depending on the next situation they find themselves in, they should actually have a reason to pick up regular items instead of opting for the currently all-powerful Infinity Blade, or any other Mythic item that is added. Also, they should only be available in a separate set of modes (Mythic Items available in solos, duos, squads, the current LTM, etc.)

To Sum Up…

Make Mythic items only worth using in some situations, but not all. Every item should have a downside. A Mythic item should be no exception.

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