Mythic ninja quick analysis – Bladestorm enforcer

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It's really early but I believe you've seen multiple topics about it; Bladestorm enforcer feels… not that good. His new Kunai ability was kinda promising, but the results aren't matching the expectations. The best thing to quickly analyse the hero is to compare it to our beloved top ninjas: Dragon, Shuriken Master, Harvester and Skirmisher.

Note that I'm doing this quick analysis for people wondering if it's worth buying. I'll let people such as /u/Details-Examples or /u/Whitesushii (or someone else) go deeper.

First of all, let's list what could be good and bad about this Ninja.


– Fully ability focused. 3 damaging abilities: Dragon slash, Shurikens, and Kunai.

– Cover a large area by combining Kunai + Dragon slash

– Buffed shurikens

– Possibility to reduce an ability's cooldown to 0s. That's a possbility I've been waiting so much…


– … but you can't really exploit it. Cooldown is reduced by 2s for each ennemy killed. To have 0s cooldown you have to kill 8 ennemies, and there are two solutions: jump high enough to cover a large area -then you'll lack damage-, or cast it from the floor; in this case, you'll need super packed ennemies, and if you can achieve this repeatedly you're most likely in trouble because you're tanking too much

– Dragon slash has no buff. We can't have everything buffed, but having Kunai -which is melee- and shurikens -that can be used from afar- buffed makes you feel like you can't really wreck anything either at close or long range


– You have to use double jump (or use landscape or structures) to make good use of Kunai. Without this, the AoE (which depends on your height when launching it) will just be super tiny

Now compared to our superstar ninjas:

– Dragon has clearly a lot more AoE potential thanks to multiple buffs to Dragon slash. Fully focused on this spell, he has 100% melee focus and can deal massive AoE damage with good maniability

– Suriken master is useful in long range, but can also be used at close range thanks to the increased number of shurikens. To me, it'll be better at long range, but no matter the case, shurikens can be multi purpose unlike those of the Bladestorm

– Harvester has nothing to do with him since it's more scythe oriented than abilities oriented, but I feel like Bladestorm doesn't have as much survivability nor usefulness for a team

– Skirmisher would probably be the most comparable subclass, but here again I feel like Bladestorm is underwhelming compared to the others.

As a conclusion, I am disappointed of this new ninja. He doesn't look really good (more like a cloaked soldier than a ninja), has questionable abilities and skills, no real focus on either melee or distance, no other "useful perk" than buffs to two abilities, without one that looks strong enough to be worth it compared to other subclasses.

Feel free to leave your opinion about this character, and I hope this (really quick) analysis has been somewhat useful to any of you.

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