Mythic Raven: YES it is worth buying. First look at the Nevermore Class.

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I'm going to keep this easy and noob-friendly. I don't have a detailed understanding of the math behind heroes like some of you do, but I'll tell you my experience with it and what makes it good.

Raven (Mythic)

Class: Soldier

Subclass: Nevermore

Available in the Event store for purchase.

~Should I get it?

Abso-friggin-lutely. Got it as soon as it came out, took it to level 30.

~Are Mythics stronger/better than legendaries?

No, they share the same stats. Just are a new class of Legendaries, but are rarer to obtain (PS: Wukong is an exception)

~What is unique about it?

1.New sub-class: "Nevermore" is a new sub class

2.New ability: A fifth soldier ability, and he is the first to get it.

3.Probably the best skin in Fortnite.

4.Pistol perk on a soldier

~New Ability: "Lefty and Righty"

Raven pops out two pistols out of nowhere, starts shooting. Sounds mediocre? Now check this out.

As you level him up, Left and Righty gets better.

MOST OVERLOOKED THING is that when levelled up all his bullets go explosive + energy damage. Meaning you get an ammo-free, durability-free fast-shooting dual-RPG that obilerates everything. It ALSO applies Debilitating Shots.

This ability is borderline OP in my opinion, balanced only by a cooldown. But you can reduce that too. Getting kills with a pistol reduces the cooldown of this ability.


Totally love this new addition to soldier class, this ability melts husks in the most flashiest style ever.

~Warcry, Kneecapper and Lingering Pain

Warcry = buffs you and all teammates in the vicinity

Kneecapper, Lingering Pain = more and more debilitating shots = more and more damage

Also has Frag Grenades

~Raven's Support and Tactical abilities

Support: Gives 14% damage resistance

Tactical: Gives Explosive Rounds to your main hero, ANY main hero (Doesn't have to be a soldier). Explosive rounds causes explosions while using ranged weapons after every 10th kill.

~Support and Tactical for Raven

Support: Ranger Deadeye, straightup +damage by pistols

Tactical: I used Special Forces Banshee for the Frag Grenade buff, you can use Bunny Penny as well (Plasma Specialist).

~Best mission to use him in

Any, but beware of propane near trap tunnels. He totally melts groups of husks, mist monsters- yes, smashers as well.

Your pistol skills will come in handy for this hero, well-rolled pistols are a must.


Super fun to use and pretty damn strong. Solid hero, buffs team, and is unique on his own place. Having great combat scores with him so far, but had to ease it in because I'm still getting used to pistols PS: My aim isn't the best.

Also, he looks damn cool.

Sidenote: MODS, can we please have a Raven flair for this sub?

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