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FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Mythic Storm King

To be honest I look up to people who finished MSK in its current state. I tried it few times, got some close calls on various parts but never won. The fight itself is super inconsitent and the RNG is unforgiving. Can these problem be addressed please ? The fight and its phases are good but this example:

You start the fight. 4 people one is being loaded so 3 of you are teleported in. 4th dies in storm because he was bit delayed and got teleported later with Miniboss already in.

The mini boss is after you but teleports for no reason somewhere else while you still have to kill him as the storm is shrinking but there is nothing you can do as there is no boss to shoot as the guy is just teleporting right now and you die as the storm is super strong.

You fight the boss you build, dodge the IK laser, deal with husks and try to destroy weak spots which sometimes cannot be hit because of weird hitboxes of his arms and ribs for example.

Oh what is that? You weakeaned him ! He is falling but to which side ? Backwards! Go! So you start building but then your build gets crushed by smasher. Scene two: you are building but falling SK himself destroys your buildings. Scene there: random meteor destroys your wall/stairs/floor and you fall down. Scene four: you somehow survived all of these and reach the horns but 1-3 of your teammates experiencesd scene 1 to 3. What now ? Fail.


Congrats all of you got to horns, bit late but got there and you are 2 hits away from breaking it but you had no time with the horn itself and you wipe as there is no going back.

Next try you go again but you got wiped by timer which you cannot see anywhere.

Dont get me started on Lynx using hover and being pushed by SK out of map.

Is it possible to make the fight more consistent so it feels more like World of Warcraft or so ? If you do things correctly, everything goes correctly and not some random stuff like funky hitboxes or boss that runs away all of a sudden. IF we can build, kill bosses, stay in storm, dodge lasers, survive meteors and destroy weak spots, reward us with nice and open chance of getting forward (give us good chance to destroy the horns for example.)

Rant over. TLDR make the fight more predictable. It is hard enough but there are many things getting into way of proper boss fight + the fact that only Lynx and War Cry soldier are demanded. Outlander + constructor are useless as they are slow and have low dmg output in most cases.

P.S. Can we get expedintions to slowly level up heroes we use on them ?

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