Neon Weapons, Elemental Rolls and Energy Cells

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Once upon a time, during December 2017, we had the Vindertech event. This event featured 6 ranged weapons and 3 melee weapons, all of which had an Energy roll by default.


Unfortunately, the Vindertech event was the most reviled, disappointing event to date, and many people were relieved by the time it ended. Why? Because these weapons featured a number of serious issues:


  • They had Energy by default, but could not roll Elemental damage

  • The ranged weapons used Energy Cells, which was expensive to maintain

  • Epic introduced a series of terrible rolls (damage to slowed, etc) with this patch, diluting the perk pool to great detriment to the players, making it more difficult to get good weapons


Or at least, these were the criticisms that were common on this subreddit at the time. So, with the poor reception of the Vindertech event in mind, I am pretty disappointed to discover that the current event suffers from 2.5 out of 3 of those same issues. The bad rolls have been made less common in a recent patch, so Epic has atleast somewhat addressed that concern, though the state of weapon rolls are still in a worse place than at the launch of early access.


But why in the blazes did they think it was a good idea to roll out this event without addresing the other two points that people disliked about the Vindertech event? Neon weapons suffer from the exact same problems, and as a result they are incredibly unappealing to many players in the endgame—those of you who are just entering Canny may want to take note of this as well.


Energy and Elemental Damage

Now, Energy damage in itself is fine. It is cool that Epic gave this set of weapons Energy as a baseline. I can dig that. The problem is that none of the Neon weapons are capable of rolling with Fire, Water or Nature damage on them. Before we go any further, lets establish why this is a problem, starting with Elemental husks and their interaction with Elemental weapons:


  • Elemental husks take only 50% damage from non-Elemental weapons (down from 100%)

  • Energy weapons will deal 67% damage instead. Same Element will also deal 67% damage (Fire against Fire, etc)

  • Counter Element will deal 100% damage (using Fire against Nature, Nature against Water, Water against Fire)

  • Wrong Element will deal only 25% damage (Fire against Water, Nature against Fire, Water against Nature). However, this weakness becomes a non-issue if you have just two weapons with two different Elements

  • Energy + Element will add 17% to each of these numbers (so 117%, 84%, and 42%)


With this in mind, you are losing out on a massive portion of damage if you are using Energy damage or same Element rather than a counter Element. In many cases, this isn't a big deal, but you'll really start to feel that lack of damage when facing down waves of high level Elemental smashers or husky husks. Therefore, in order to perform optimally at end game, you will need a minimum of three Elemental weapons (one of each) in order to cover each Element—or you may at least want to make do with just two Elemental weapons, so that you can counter two and still get the 67% partial against the third type of Element.

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Now, many people aren't necessarily too concerned about being "optimal". After all, Fortnite is a game where you don't really need to be optimal in order to succeed. Others just don't want to switch between weapons depending on the enemies they face. I get it, and thats cool and all. Im not trying to tell you here that you SHOULD be doing that. Energy exists as an option for you guys, and in that case, this event is pretty nice for you.


However, for those of us who do care about being optimal, Energy is a major disappointment, because the weapon rolls would have to be truly magnificent just in order to break even with an Elemental weapon with poor rolls. For lategame players who have to invest countless hours of grinding in order to upgrade a single weapon, this makes this entire event incredibly unappealing for this reason alone, and I find the Neon event thoroughly dissatisfying due to this, as it feels like there is nothing to grind towards. In the late game, I don't want a generalist weapon that will do "okay" in any situation—I want a specialized but effective weapon.



So my question is this; Why can't Neon weapons roll with Element? This would hardly hurt anyone, while providing a reason for all of us to want to play the event, rather than just one group of players. Energy+Element weapons are already possible to get on the "high tech" weapons that are part of the base set, so why can't the event weapons be treated in the same way?


The Cost of Energy Cells

Of course, lets not forget that there is a second problem plaguing the Neon weapons. Energy Cells require Bacon, Blast Powder, and Batteries to craft—but you do get 80 Energy Cells per craft. However, Energy weapons have an unhealthy tendency to consume exhorbitant amounts of ammo very quickly, with Energy weapons often having increased ammo cost per shot fired (for instance, the Neon Sniper Rifle consumes 3 Energy Cells per shot). As many people have pointed out in the past, this works out to Energy Cells simply being too costly to maintain ammo for if you are using the weapon regularly—which is presumably what you want to do if you level an Energy weapon, as their entire purpose is being a generalist weapon, as opposed to being only used some of the time like an Elemental weapon.


Additionally, Bacon is an important commodity that is used for other, more important purposes than just to stay supplied with ammo—particularly for crafting Gas Traps. Even if people were fine with these weapons being Energy only, odds are that they would be driven away by the cost of maintaining ammo for them.


Now, there are ways of getting around this problem—you can spend your match time looking for Bacon, or trade for it, or you could run Outlander with Gunblazer if you've been around for a while and don't mind playing an Outlander. And alright, Fortnite is a survival/gathering game, so it is okay for Energy Cells to be a little rare and to take a little effort to come by. The problem is that it is currently just too demanding in what it asks of you. You could do any or all of the above to stay supplied, sure, but I might argue that those things aren't really fun. I am here to shoot husks and build Forts, not to scrimp and save and scavenge for every scrap of Bacon I can get while my teammates are busy dealing with the actual objective. During both the Vindertech and Christmas events, tons of people were complaining about this issue, and a community manager even dropped in on one thread to say that they would pass such feedback along to the devs. So, why was nothing done about it in time for another event using Energy Cells? Just increase the amount of Energy Cells crafted in each batch. I think doubling it would put it in a good spot where you still have to invest some into it, but don't have to spend half the match thinking about Bacon.

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So, please Epic. I wan't to like this event. The quests are cool, and the weapons look awesome, but why do you have try so hard to make them unappealing? Please improve the usability of these weapons in a future patch, because I'm just not seeing them as ever being a worthy, intelligent investment from the perspective of a high level player, and it is killing my drive to go and play the event.


Now, with that being said, I'd be a lot cooler with how these weapons can't roll an Element if I atleast knew that we would be able to Reroll to one once Rerolls are in the game. I've even kept a few of those Vindertech weapons around for several months, hoping that I might one day be able to Reroll an Element onto them. As a last point, I'd like to request that even if these weapon roll restrictions are kept in, that we atleast be unbound by weapon roll restrictions when using the upcoming Rerolls system.


Thanks for reading.


TL;DR: Please allow Neon weapons to roll with an Element perk, and do something about Energy Cells to make them less of a hassle to craft

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