new boss fight suggestion:《MYTHIC STORM QUEEN》

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - new boss fight suggestion:《MYTHIC STORM QUEEN》

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this is a new a boss fight,with a different fight than msk,and it will be a special place under twine peaks,so it will be unlocked when u hit pl130 and have done twine ssd 10,cant carry low pl ppl


1-the msq will deploy from her hands 5 crystals,that will spawn 5 large encampments,and they will be her protectors,they will increase her damage and speed,and they will start raising the storm from the water(the storm will go up,not shrink).so u should destroy them all asap,before the storm reach the sky
2-destroying the 5 encampments will remove the shield from her,so u should shoot at her,but,3 tornados will move around the arena,throwing players and the 5 smashers(they will spawn with the tornados)everywhere,and u only have 15 seconds to do it,so you probably gonna remove 30% of her health,and if your squad was too strong,you will be able to remove 50% of her health.then the fight will restart.
3-whenever her health go 0%,she will rage,and here starts the final fight:her chest will break,and a her heart will appear,and the storm will start raising up,additionnally,groups of lobbers will surround the arena,shooting skulls on you to destroy your buildings,so you should hurry
4-finally,you will kill the sq whenever her heart get destroyed


1-hand spin:she will spin,moving her hands,and they will be moving up or middle or down of the arena
2-laser meteor:she will charge her mouth and shoot a big laser beam up in the sky,and it will separate into 4(3-2..)homing meteors that will follow the player,so you'll have to build some structures around you to avoid it(it pierces struct.up to 3 at max)
3-meteor throwing(the same move of the msk at the beginning of msk)
4-fist hit(same as the msk,when he hit the ground with his hands)



1-storm queen teleporter:(trap)its like the teleporter gadget but on husks and it has 2 parts(blue and red teleporter but they are the same traps),u can put the red one on walls or ceiling where they got attracted,or floor where they will fall,and they will get out from the blue one wich will be 2 tiles away or maybe 3(i wont suggest the mats)but it will have a 6th upgradable perk where u add tiles between red and blue trap
2-storm queen laserbeam:(sniper):3 shot and pierce enemies:,when u charge it to max,the husk u hit will get 50% less damage,but it will chain to another one dealing 200% plus damage.6th perk:charging then shooting it has a 37% chance to occur storm queen rage (increase movement speed by ..% and reload by..% and f.rate and a.speed by ..% for 5 sec)
3-storm queen terminator:(shotgun):2 shots:when u charge it,it will shoot the two bullets,dealing the damage of both bullets.6th perk:charging it and shooting it has 37% chance to occur storm queen rage(increase movement speed by..% and as and fr by..% and reload by..% for 5 sec)
4-the storm queen:(mythic ninja):support:increase chance of storm queen rage by 63%
commander:………..additionnally,sq rage grants more 40% damage and last 2 sec longer
teamperk:raged:3 heroes of different events:eliminating a husk has a ..% chance to regain 50% of lost ammo in mag(if 80/100 u regain 10)

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