New class concept: warlock

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - New class concept: warlock

The warlock class is focused on getting things done quickly and efficiently. Their abilities allow them to traverse land quickly and take down big enemies such as smashers or mini bosses. They have average health, between a ninja and constructor. Their weakness is dealing with huge hordes of enemies, so you will have to rely heavily on traps and weapons.

Class Perks:

Otherworldly Senses: The objective’s direction is shown on your compass/mini map (the thing in the top right, not the actual full map)

Master of the elements: Nature, Water and Fire damage is increased by 45%


Rift Teleport: Teleport to an area within 20 meters of you, works like reaper from overwatch. After teleporting, a rift appears where you left and where you teleported. Allies can use these rifts to teleport to the other rift. Rift lasts 5 seconds. Cool down of 30 seconds.

Get outta here!: Husk you aim at when using this ability gets rifted off the map. Only one husk. Can work on any husk (including mist monsters) with an exception for mini bosses or bosses

Third eye: When activated, Mist monsters bosses, and mini bosses within 40 meters of you are highlighted through walls and other obstacles. While activated you also deal 150% more damage to mist monsters, mini bosses and bosses. Lasts for 20 seconds, cool down of 1 minute.

Atomize: While active, you look like a ninja in shadow stance but instead of black you are white. While activated, you can walk through walls and destructible obstacles. Can be useful for starting an objective without having to edit a wall or 2. While active your movement speed is increased by 50%. You can not go through floors or obstacles you are standing on. Lasts for 5 seconds. Cool down of 20 seconds.

Health Siphon: You can take health away from husks you are aiming at and heal yourself. Takes health from husks overtime, think of it like affliction that stops when you stop using the ability. Doesn’t have a cool down, but greatly brings down energy bar.

Characters and subclasses they have:

Drift (from br): Rift Master Drift(s5 bp drift), summer drift, Tactical Drift (verge), Sanctum Drift, firewalker drift(firewalker)

Elmira: Gryphon Flight Elmira(only subclass for her using skin from br), Big Baddie Beater Elmira


David: Energy-Castor David (Castor skin), Hitman David(the reaper skin)

Ember: Firestarter Ember(ember s8 bp), Nighttime Ember(OT variant)

Other: Valor, Luminos, Broken Light headhunter, *Ice King,

*i know ice king is already a constructor, but his aesthetic better fits a warlock

Collection book heroes: Valor, Luminos, broken light Headhunter, all Elmira subclasses, rift master drift, tactical drift, Firestarter ember

Chinese New Year: firewalker drift

Christmas: Ice king

Fortnitemares: Sanctum Drift, Nighttime Ember

Now onto the heroes bonuses

Rift Master Drift

-Rift Mastery: Rift teleport cooldown reduces by 10 seconds

-Rift Mastery+: Rift Teleport cooldown reduces by 13 seconds. In addition, you and allies going through these rifts gain 100 health.

Tactical Drift

-Tactical Rifts: Rifts spawned from the rift teleport ability stay 5 seconds longer

-Tactical Rifts+: Rifts spawned from the rift teleport ability stay permanently or until rift teleport is used somewhere else.

Sanctum Drift

-Vampire Magic: Health Siphon provides 20% more health

-Vampire magic+: Health siphon provides 35% more health

Summer Drift

-Refreshing Beverage: a mist monster has a 50% to drop a Soda when killed, which gives 500 shield when consumed. Sodas in inventory disappear when mission ends.

-Refreshing Beverage+: a mist monster has a 55% to drop a smoothie when killed, which gives 500 shield and 500 health when consumed. Smoothies in inventory disappear when mission ends.

Firewalker Drift:

-Firework Magic: While you are atomized, drop fireworks every 2 seconds. Fireworks deal 200 fire damage.

-Firework Magic+: While you are atomized, drop fireworks every second. Fireworks deal 250 fire damage.

Gryphon Flight Elmira

-Gryphon Flight: While atomized, movement speed is increased by 100%

-Gryphon Flight+: While atomized, movement speed is increased by 300%

I’ll update this more and more as I come up with ideas


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