New Constructor Ability: Jetpack (concept)

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Basically, this a jetpack ability concept for constructors that could streamline the creation of tall forts and improve their damage output. Also jetpacks are cool as heck – I've always found the other classes more interesting than constructors, so maybe something like this could spice them up a little.

Jetpack (Constructor Ability)


For as long as your fuel lasts, you can fly with a jetpack. Your speed (both horizontal and vertical) is equivalent to your walking speed. While flying, you cannot interact with the environment (loot chests, etc…) or use other abilities. The only exceptions to this are BASE and the modification of friendly buildings (repairing and editing) while in build mode.

Use the jump key to ascend and crouch key to decend. While pressing neither of these keys, you hover in the air. Other movement, such as moving forwards, is the same as the regular controls.

To deactivate the jetpack, simply use the ability again. When you deactivate your jetpack or run out of fuel, it is put on cooldown. The cooldown time is dependant on how much fuel you had when you deactivated it, with the maxiumum being 2 minutes if all fuel was depleted.


While using your jetpack, you can switch between build mode or offensive mode by using the 'switch toolbar' key. Build mode functions exactly like regular build mode while on foot. When switching to offensive mode, two plasma grenade launchers transform out of your jetpack. You can then fire heavy plasma grenades that explode on contact (or after 2 seconds) at a medium rate (3 grenades every second) while in this mode.



Fuel is only depleted in offensive mode. Switching modes costs no fuel. Each attack with the grenade launchers depletes 4 fuel. If you strictly use offensive mode, the jetpack will last around 8 seconds. Jetpack fuel does not regenerate over time while the Jetpack is in use.

New perks could also be introduced that improve the Jetpack.

Potential Perks

Stun Grenades – Jetpack grenades now stun for X seconds.

Missile Barrage – Jetpack grenades become missiles that travel faster, fire faster and have increased impact. Fuel usage remains the same.

Artillery – Jetpack grenades deal more damage the longer they are left undetonated.

Fuel Station – While you are near your BASE, the fuel cost of your Jetpack grenades is reduced.

Shooting Star – You can now use Bull Rush while flying with your jetpack. You fly horizontally with your shield in one direction, exactly like Bull Rush, pinning husks along the way. However, the speed of which you travel is dramatically increased by the Jetpack. You travel further and faster than a regular bull rush, as well as dealing extra damage and impact (smashers beware!).

I'd love to hear your feedback on this concept! Obviously, this is quite rough – I'm sure other things can be done to balance and improve on it.

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