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I have recently been reflecting on the nature of consumable items in Fortnite a while ago. I had originally made a post on the forums, as my suggestions are more thought exercises to hopefully inspire others. However, reflecting on it again, I'v decided to offer the idea here as well.

The majority of Consumables are simply weak substitutes for weapons, whose lack of damage, limited stockpile, and now all being removed from inventory upon a mission makes them useless. The exceptions are the Impulse Grenade and Port-a-Fort, whose usefulness is highly circumstantial if you had them readily available. With them being temporary, the niches where they are useful are made all the rarer and are rendered to simple novelty.

The primary problem is that most these are designed for BR and not StW. So, what if there were consumables designed for StW first in mind? In my opinion, Consumables should be utility or support items. Their abilities should lean being stronger or more potent, due to their limited number and that they take one of our three weapon slots – especially if they are removed at End of Mission.

In my opinion, consumables should be kept between missions. Their usefulness could be balanced by having a smaller stack limit, pending on capability. They should remain uncraftable, and instead some should be available in the Event and Weekly stores. More potent ones can either be found only in missions, or perhaps rarely offered as one of the Daily Coin options. These would provide additional sinks for seasonal gold and Daily Coins.

And reiterating my ideas from the feedback forums:

Mobility Device
For 1 minute, increase your Hero's walking and sprinting speed by 10%, triple their normal jump height, and increase the safe fall distance by 1 tile. If the consumable persists between missions, reduce the buff's time to 30 seconds, and give a maximum stack of 5.

Reasoning: Everyone can benefit from a temporary boost in vertical mobility and scaling tall buildings or cliffs quickly, and sometimes that extra height is a convenience for building large structures. Plus, sometimes it's fun to just vault around as a ninja. Anyone gets to briefly be a ninja, and ninjas get to be super-ninjas.

A grenade-like consumable that explodes on contact. It creates a 1.5 tile wide cloud that lingers for 5 seconds. While it persists, it removes any Beehive trail or projectiles it touches. If the consumable is persistent between missions, shorten the cloud's lifespan to 3 seconds and make a maximum stack of 10.

Reasoning:- Many players would like ways to fend off Beehive trails, especially when they stampede en mass. However, even temporarily suppressing the trails is a powerful ability. By having it a consumable, you can create a temporary reprieve without it being too readily accessible.

Repair Kit
Instantly restore 40% Health to a friendly structure that you aim at within 1 tile. If the consumable persists between missions, reduce the health repair to 15% and make a maximum stack of 20.

Reasoning: Sometimes an emergency repair is needed, particularly when the game decides to spawn a gang of smashers or when damaging lobbers rain down their wrath. These could provide a temporary reprieve to keep the structures landing just a bit longer.

Target Balloon
Release a projectile that quickly rises 3 tiles int he air, and continues to rise more slowly. It is removed after 30 seconds, if it collides with a surface, or it it takes at least 1 point of damage. While it persists, lobbers and flingers will target it in a priority over friendly structures. If the consumable persists between missions, it should have a maximum stack of 10.

Reasoning: A group of damaging lobbers can be devastating to a structure, particularly if there is a lot of cover for them. However, they need to be, to force players to change their tactics. Being able to redirect their attacks is powerful, and so should be a temporary measure at best to provide a window for repairs and hunting them down.

Target Balloon Bundle
As the Target Balloon, but releases 7 balloons in a spread. This should not persist between missions; if it does, it should have a maximum stack of 3. It should be a rare deal for the store.


Reasoning: Simply an upgraded version of the Target Balloon, providing a longer distraction by having multiple targets at once.

Survivor Scanner
Upon use, the closest Survivor is marked on your map. If this consumable persists between missions, it should have a maximum stack of 3. It should be a rare deal for the store.

Reasoning: A useful tool for finding that last missing survivor or two during a Rescue the Survivors mission, or to expedite doing a daily or side quest.

Instantly remove 100% of the durability of a trap you are looking at and are within 1 tile range, destroying it. If the consumable persists between missions, give a max stack of 3.

Reasoning: Because there are several people who want a way to undo a trap placement without destroying the wall it's attached to. Giving a maximum stack of 3 is more than enough for mistakes during a mission, and will also minimize any impact from people attempting to grief with it.

A grenade-like consumable that spawns a Boomba and anchoring point upon contact with the ground. The Boomba can travel up to 2 tiles away and moves to propane tanks in the area. When it gets within 0.25 tiles of a propane tank, it will interact with it over the space of a second. The tank will then be removed without exploding. The Boomba lasts for 40 seconds, or until it has cleared 10 propane tanks. If this consumable persists between missions, reduce the lifetime to 20 seconds and a 3 propane tank limit, and make a maximum stack of 3.

Reasoning: Propane tanks are one of the major headaches for most people because they pose a constant threat. And like so many other enemy threats, it should be a persistent threat. Any solution should offer a temporary reprieve, lessening the impact rather than fully mitigating it.

This functions identically to a Boomba, except it spawns a Kaboomba instead. If a Kaboomba ends due to meeting its propane tank limit, a Landmine is placed at its spawn point. It should be a rare deal in the store.

Reasoning: Just a fun alternative to the Boomba that converts the enemy weapons into a weapon of your own.

This functions similarly to a Kaboomba, except it spawns a Doomba instead. If a Doomba ends due to meeting its propane tank limit, it releases a powerful AoE damaging burst up to 3 tiles from its spawn. This item should not persist between missions; if it does, it should have a stack limit of 1, and should be an extremely rare deal in the store.

Reasoning: Boomba, meet Heavy Base Kyle. HBK, meet Boomba. Have fun.

Paint Bucket
When used on a friendly structure within three tiles, permanently change its color to the paint bucket's color. This consumable should be persistent, and have a maximums stack of 99.

Reasoning: Because people love customization and cosmetics. You want a sink for seasonal gold? People who want to do creative projects will buy these hand over fist. There will even be people who use these during missions, just because they can.

Detailing Kit
When used on a trap within three tiles, permanently change its color to the detailing kit's color. This consumable should be persistent, and have a maximum stack of 99.

Reasoning: Same as the Paint Bucket. People would love changing walls, changing traps would just be extra icing.

When used, you throw a handful of confetti into the air, which trickles slowly down until it hits the ground. Persists for 30 seconds. This consumable should be persistent, and have a maximum stack of 99

Reasoning: Because I want confetti, dammit. Great for any kind of celebration, or for cheering people up. Bonus points if it has a party favor sound when used as well.

Ideas for consumables made with StW in mind first. And confetti. Because I'm dumb and want confetti.

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