New elemental weapons features and mini bosses (suggestion)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - New elemental weapons features and mini bosses (suggestion)

So I was playing br the other day and i thought how cool would it be to have fire mechanics on Stw and something similar form every element. Soo… I came up with these features and would be pretty cool. They're inspired by the Escalation thing on this seasonal ventures but I also added something else. Also something I've been thinking about a lot regarding mini bosses.

Fire element: fire damage has a small chance (maybe 5%?) to burn enemies and let the fire pass from enemy to enemy. And also maybe leaving a fire trial that deals "x" base damage.

Water element: water damage can generate an ice explosion (small chance btw) that freezes enemies in a "x" tile radius and, once enemies unfreeze, the area affected by the explosion slows down enemies and makes them vulnerable to nature element, regardless what element they originally are. Effect fades once they step out of "freezing zone" or the effect's time ends.

Nature element: nature damage has a small chance to shock enemies and stun them for a short time. There's another bonus chance for the stunning effect to pass from the originally affected husk to a larger group of husks; the more husks affected by this, the longer the stun effect lasts. Although, it shouldn't be more than maybe two or three secondsLong range enemies (such as zappers, lobbers, and pitchers) will have a significant chance to miss their shots. After a while the effect passes and they'll be back to normal. Don't know if it should affect mist monsters.


Mist monsters-minibosses concept. We all now mini bosses. Those nasty husks with random mutations that present a huge danger to our fort. They can come as regular husk, as huskies or a smasher. So, as to make things more interesting, what if we the other mist monsters impersonate the abilities of a mini boss? Also, let's allow mini bosses to spawn in EVERY 140+ mission. Where would they spawn? In city zones hidden areas (like that huge basement found below those black buildings) in the peripheral caves systems found in suburban and industrial areas. Even in those very tall mountains found in dessert areas as well. The point is for them to be hidden or hard to find so they don't disrupt the main objective; the player needs to find them.

Just imagine, walking around grasslands, you enter a cave to farm ores. The cave keeps going down. You find an old wooden door. You open it and it leads to an open, foggy space. A boss bar appears. It's a taker mini boss! You fight it and carry on with your rescue the survivors.

Of course, these mini bosses can't have wall weakening or trap vulnerability. They need to be a challenge, and the area they spawn in has to give it advantage, making it unfair for the player. Why? Because it's fun! Maybe they could have the same "perks" mini bosses in dungeons had. Sadly, flingers will have to sit this one out. But sploders, takers and smashers as mini bosses could be fun.

I know what you're thinking, what about the "defeat a mini boss in a 140+ mission" mission for the msk mission set? This would mean the mission can be easily exploited by leech players who could just play a resupply and find a mini boss. Well no, that shouldn't happen. Maybe the details of the mission could change, and make it that only mission where you need to defend something and, you know, actually play the game count for this challenge, and then unlock the chance to defeat the msk and the rest is history.

If you made it this far, let thanks for reading! Any suggestions or criticism is more than welcome.

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