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This could go for either a new event or a continuation of the storyline after twine.

What I was thinking could be the storyline to this event is after hearing about a new area to explore we launch a rocket. But the rocket failed and now we are stuck in the Centre of one of the biggest storms on the world. The questions would consist of finding objects to repair the rocket and fighting new enemies that were super powered by being so close to the storm.

The map would consist of dark, stormy, and a devastated and torn apart map with plant life and buildings mutated by the storm.

New enemies Because of the extra storm this could bring a new enemies. Some of them include: New mist monster! Scorpio. This monster looks like a scorpion and uses its tail to shoot poison which add the corrosion/wall weakening affect to buildings. Very mobile, has a weaker melee attack and can club building/ travel upside down.

New element The extreme storm has caused a new type of husk which has the effects of all types of elements (has the bonus damage and resistance effect) energy recommended


New mode Hunt the monster! Starts with planting a tracker into the ground and defending it for two minutes. Players then need to travel into a certain region on the map and find the monster. Monsters are boss versions of creatures in the game with increased mobility (jumping,flying) require new ways to fight them (destroy certain husks/finish a wave on enemies) and spawn enemies. Variations include blaster, husky husk, smasher, Scorpio, and taker.

New traps! New traps are player activated and used including. Freeze gun! Player used trap shoots a burst of ice to slow husks. All perks include ammo, damage, fire rate, element, accuracy, crit rating, crit damage, health to structures, range,

Minigun! Player activated trap to release chaos. (basically going commando in a building piece)

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Flame turret! Player controlled shoots a burst of flame. Deals damage over time.

Lightning turret! Slow firing gun that chains lightning.

This could be a way to go back to the roots of survive and scavenge. Could include scavenger guns or new storm weapons scavenged from parts inside of this Zone. And hero’s that have been mutated from the effects of the storm.

Also sorry for the bad format and writing it’s late and I’m on mobile I tried my best. P.s any news on smasher figurines?

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